Over the years, both Wittneben and Happich relayed the experience many times in speeches and writings, and their independent descriptions of the incident cross-verified each other. The views expressed are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. How do rates compare when we adjust for population? Vaginal cancer. I'm as sworn to radical rationalism as the next neo-Darwinian materialist. And in their extensive literature review on the subject—not an easy task, given that “terminal lucidity” couldn’t be used as a search term prior to that first 2009 article—Nahm and Greyson found a total of 81 references to similar cases, reported by 51 different authors. Her case is especially valuable, according to them, because it was witnessed by two highly respected and influential local figures: Wilhem Wittneben, the chief physician at what was then one of the largest insane asylums in Germany (Hephata), and Friedrich Happich, the director of that same institution. If you are not familiar with logarithmic axes we recommend you also look at this chart on a linear axis. Accessed Dec. 22, 2015. It's not clear what causes vaginal cancer. The night before she died at the age of 54 (after a long battle with ovarian cancer), I was sleeping in my mother’s bedroom alongside her. Vaginal cancer most commonly begins in the thin, flat squamous cells that line the surface of the vagina. She was even aware of her own age and where she’d been living all this time. Philadelphia, Pa.: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier; 2014. http://www.clinicalkey.com. The authors offer three Russian case studies from the 1970s as examples, all schizophrenic patients “without prior lucid intervals, living in seemingly stable psychotic mental states for many years.” One man who’d been completely catatonic for nearly two decades allegedly “became almost normal” before he finally passed away. Both provide very similar guidelines for medical practitioners on the completion of death certificates. © 1998-2020 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER). these figures are then collected in national registration statistics and reported to international sources. This content does not have an English version. (2012) and Perv (2013). National Cancer Institute.

Since reporting can vary very significantly from day to day – irrespectively of any actual variation of deaths – it is helpful to view the seven-day rolling average of the daily figures. In another example of this second, more abrupt subtype, earlier this year the authors detailed the extraordinary case of a young German woman named Anna (“Käthe”) Katharina Ehmer, who died in 1922. She was too weak to talk but her eyes communicated all. All rights reserved. Accessed Feb. 21, 2016. Let’s have a more detailed look at the phenomenon in question. Vaccines that prevent some types of HPV infection are available. Vaginal cancer is cancer that occurs in the vagina — the muscular tube that connects the uterus with the outer genitals. It had all happened so quickly and, I suppose being young and in denial about how imminent her death really was, I hadn’t actually gotten around to telling her how very grateful I was to have had her as my mom and how much I loved her. Vaginal cancer is a rare cancer that occurs in your vagina — the muscular tube that connects your uterus with your outer genitals. In the circumstances of there being no swab, it is satisfactory to apply clinical judgement.”. Clicking on any country in the chart highlights that country. The most up-to-date data for any particular country is therefore typically available earlier via the national health agencies than via the ECDC. Just type the name in the search box there. Scientific American is part of Springer Nature, which owns or has commercial relations with thousands of scientific publications (many of them can be found at, Nice Grill: You Look Like Your Car (and Your Car Looks Like Your Dog). She died the next day. In the box below you can select any country you are interested in – or several, if you want to compare countries. By the 20th century, they speculate, doctors simply stopped reporting these incidents altogether because they failed to jive with contemporary scientific materialism. This is why the two maps below show the deaths per million people of each country’s population. By default this chart is shown on a logarithmic vertical axis. → We provide more detail on these three points in the section ‘Deaths from COVID-19: background‘. radical rationalism as the next neo-Darwinian materialist, all the dreams you’ve had that haven’t come true, a follow-up article by Nahm appearing that same year, three Russian case studies from the 1970s, A 92-year-old woman with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, the extraordinary case of a young German woman named Anna (“Käthe”) Katharina Ehmer.