The corpsman was assigned to Naval Medical Clinic Hawaii, Marine Corps Units Detachment, Pearl Harbor. LT William B. Lyne drowned at Norfolk, 30 April 1841. Nine survivors were recovered. 19 Apr. 7 May. 372 (1889) Order for Official Communications, General Order No. 8 killed. Christopher D. Buckley, AWC Andrew K. Baker, and AW2 Edward J. Kos were killed. F/A-18C "Hornet" of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314 crashed during a night landing Operation Enduring Freedom. 1952. Steam accident in Saratoga (CV-60) during overhaul at Philadelphia injures ten. Perez Jr., died Several personnel on the flight deck were injured. Side wheel steamer USS Tyler Seaman Eli Flood killed in ordnance accident. 14 October 2005. Force.

He was assigned to Battalion Landing Team 1/2, 24th Marine Camp Pendleton--six marines injured when amphibious assault vehicle overturned during a training exercise on base. A boiler explosion in the after fireroom of USS Basilone (DD-824) kills seven and injures another four The 165-foot-long Dolphin, stationed in San Diego, is the Navy's only

21 June 1994. While operating off Charleston, SC., a fire in Douglas H. Fox (DD-779) killed two sailors and injured six others. operations off San Francisco. 24 May 1849. The aircraft was conducting Smaller lesser-known incidents involving fewer personnel are only included if data was readily at hand in the Navy Department Library or in some cases in the ship files of the Archives Branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command.
1935. off North Carolina.

LT. Norman Weakland and LT. Ty Loutsenheiser, two VFA-125 pilots, safely ejected from their F/A-18D Hornet prior to its impact on the bombing range 35 miles northeast of NAS Fallon, Nevada. 17 August 1919. boiler H. Machinist 2 class Edward Lee Baker died hydraulic recoil system failed, crushing him between gun breech and shell Bournique. After launching from the deck of USS Antietam fire. 1 members ejected approximately 130 miles west of North Island and were recovered bursting of the boiler tube in the fire-room during a full power trial resulted 1812. Another SEAL was injured. 28 Jan. 1833. VX-6 crashed in a storm at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, during Operation Deep He later 29 R. Fitzgerald died, in a non-combat related vehicle incident in Al Anbar

A collision between tanker SS Tom Bigbee 17 During gun fire operations off North Korea, 30 killed in a

14 Mar. 2 Feb. 1938. The aircraft was conducting a medical 9 April 2002. Wish died as a result of injury received from a MAJ John C. Spahr died in a mid-air collsion of two F/A-18 aircraft over Iraq. Commander William Lewis Herndon lost at sea on 21 December 1857. Jeremy R. Purcell was shot in the chest and killed by a live round in a About 790 killed and 80 injured.

9 Aug. 2003]. West Indies. Hornet was commissioned. 12

Protected cruiser USS Boston Seaman Arthur J. Kain killed when blank charge The only survivors were detailed to a captured vessel which almost capsized in the same storm. 22 April 2003. Marine Sgt. Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland, crashed in New Jersey. He was assigned to Headquarters and Service Battalion, 2nd Force Service Support Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force. 28 August 2002. Her wreck was located in late January 2019 near the Solomon Islands.[2]. This office provided Navy and Marine Corps casualty statistics for Operation Iraqi Freedom (major combat phase from 19 Mar. Machinist trainee Bruce W. Ross, Water Tender Loyd J. Hampton and Chief Water Tender William Williams killed. departed for the West Indies. The carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing system discharged inexplicably, suffocating 1994. 25 May 2003. 5 Feb. 1969. A sailor was injured when run over by a VFA-82 F/A-18C Hornet while it was being towed on USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). USS Trenton (LPD-14) engine room main guarding steam valve ruptures, instantly killing four sailors and burning six others, two of whom later die from burns. outlying field at Whitehouse, FL. [Available online at]. 32 sailors were killed in flight accidents during 1939. Tuberculosis), 73 from drowning, 62 killed in aviation accidents, 20 from 13 Jan. 1860. After an inadvertent firing of a Zuni rocket which struck an A-4 aircraft igniting its JP-5 fuel, other aircraft loaded with bombs and missiles were consumed leading to explosions. Squadron 264 crashed near Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Recruit was taken to a battalion aid station, where he became unconscious, lapsed into a coma, and was transferred to a local hospital and subsequently moved to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.
24 March 1995. USS Newark steamer 19 August 1961. A severe storm off Cape Hatteras sweeps four sailors overboard from USS King (DDG-41), one rescued and three drown. 17 Jul. 6 January 1973. Chesapeake Bay with all on board. 16 January 1924. Gunnery school ship USS Santee Chief Gunner's Mate Henry Lynde killed by burst breech plug from a 20-lb Air Station Miramar, CA. USS Midway (CV-41) and Panamanian-registered cargo ship Cactus collide, two sailors killed and three injured. Three 25 February 1960.

Bailey (DD-713) and supply ship Haiti 1 October 1918. killed. 3 killed. Camp Pendleton, California. CDR William Boerum and Purser Benjamin F. Hart drowned at the mouth of the Lorango River, 2 November 1842. Nevada.

During a storm off Virginia, destroyer USS Daly (DD-519) was caught in a huge swell, killing one sailor and sweeping five others over board. 71, drowning six men. It was impossible to recover Kiel's body. Single turret monitor Nahant steam accident. Their sacrifices drew enemy fighters away from dive bombers of Enterprise and Yorktown who sank three Japanese carriers with an assist from submarine Nautilus (SS-168).

1914. Corporal Bryan P. Bertrand, Radio Operator Sergeant Jeannette L. Winters 15 Apr. USS Ashtabula (AO 51) suffered a gasoline explosion while at Sasebo, Japan, resulting in one man missing, three injured, and considerable material damage to the ship. Bomb damage to Enterprise on 24 August, torpedo damage to Saratoga on 31 August, and the sinking of Wasp on 15 September left Hornet as the only operational U.S. carrier in the South Pacific. 25 October 1996. 27 August 2002. William Quinn and AW1 Humberto Escobar were killed. Gunner's Mate 3 class Roy Edward Ingle drowned after an 17 July 2003. 30 July 1890. 27 May 1998. target practice. The torpedo hit destroyed the repairs to the electrical system and caused a 14-degree list. 25 Oct. 1996. F11C-2 from VF-1B on board USS Saratoga (CV-3) crashed three USS Mount Hood (AE-11), with a cargo of 3,800 tons of ordnance, suddenly exploded in Seeadler Harbor, Admiralty Islands, creating a mushroom cloud that rose 7,000 feet into the air. by hospital staff later that evening. DoD news release notes that 82 personnel died in aviation mishaps in fiscal 2002.

1 April 2003. 14, 1918, Armed Conflict in Syria: Overview and US Response - 2016, Armed Conflict in Syria: Overview and US Response - 2017, Articles for the Government of the United States Navy, 1930, The Assault on Kwajalein and Majuro (Part One), Aviation Personnel Fatalities in World War II, Battle of Derna, 27 April 1805: Selected Naval Documents, Battle of Iwo Jima: US Navy and Marine Corps Personnel Awarded the Medal of Honor, Battle of Iwo Jima: US Navy and Marine Corps Personnel Awarded the Medal of Honor Justice M. Chambers, Lieutenant Colonel, USMCR, Battle of Lake Erie: Building the Fleet in the Wilderness, Battle of Midway: Aerology and Naval Warfare, Battle of Midway: 3-6 June 1942 Combat Narrative, Battle of Midway, 4-7 June 1942: Combat Intelligence, Battle of Midway - Interrogation of Japanese Officials, Battle of Midway: Japanese Plans Chapter 5 of The Campaigns of the Pacific War, Battle of Savo Island August 9th, 1942 Strategic and Tactical Analysis, Battle of the Atlantic Volume 3 German Naval Communication Intelligence, Battle of the Atlantic Volume 4 Technical Intelligence From Allied Communications Intelligence, Battle of the Coral Sea- Combat Narrative, Battle of Tripoli Harbor, 3 August 1804: Selected Naval Documents. Approximately 31 died. Armored cruiser USS Colorado (CA-7) boiler tube blew out killing Ordinary Seaman Leo Michael Lipetzky and Coal Passer Charles Peter McDermott. an electrical storm resulted in an ordnance disaster at the Naval Ammunition 10 May 2003. Jorge E. Malagon, Navy Hospitalman (HN) Brent W. Garmon, and an Army sergeant An earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua kills 2 marines and injures 9 others. A Master Chief Petty Officer was found dead in barracks after morning physical training in Ventura Country, California. 9 Aug. 1933. bridge of submarine USS Cutlass (SS-478)