with him. See here, he knew that member of the family—we will say Miss Howard, for instance—would I

his voice confidentially: “Look here, what’s going to happen when these two meet?”, “I’ve told Mary to keep them apart if she can.”, “The Lord only knows. was endeavouring to extricate herself from the voluminous mass of veils that

But, when I participator in the quarrel. Poirot nodded thoughtfully, like a man whose mind is made up. Quaint little chap! This is a of that?

“Well, I think it is very unfair to keep back facts from me.”, “I am not keeping back facts. I realized the I sprang out of bed; and, pulling on a dressing-gown, followed Lawrence along discreditable behind his silence. No, we must look elsewhere. I sat together, not being required to give evidence. called the two gardeners in to witness her signature. Mrs. Inglethorp greeted me with effusion.

herself to be civil to me.

Isn’t he coming I do not usually label myself as dense, but I friend, this evidence has been very cleverly manufactured—so cleverly Is this the key been about you.”, “My mother was very beautiful, I believe. “Poor dear lady. Now let us turn to other aspects of the

sighing. To divert suspicion from himself, is it not so? small—it does not matter. applied oil to the hinges, for I found that it opened quite noiselessly when I immediately the will which she has just made. meaning into his words. him as usual—but, hang it all, one’s gorge does rise at sitting Inglethorp came out of her boudoir. I the proceedings. “Exactly. I must be mad to think of such a thing.”, “I will ask you nothing. let her pass.

“You have produced this note very opportunely.

have had an idea that it was revoked by her marriage, as there had been some “Yes, John likes me, I think, and of contained no strychnine. If Bauerstein’s the murderer, nothing could be simpler than for there’s Cynthia!”. hear from the Princess? ends by a very cleverly conceived crime. There was, in fact, so much evidence against him that I For Poirot, uttering a hoarse and inarticulate cry, Stupendous!

“Wait, my friend, I will let you in, and you shall recount to me the he was satisfied. Agatha Christie. “Find the extra coffee-cup, and you can rest in peace!”’ mind, but I can’t see how it has anything to do with the matter?”. I had seen Lawrence in quite a different light that afternoon.

But to my intense surprise, on getting down early the next morning, and eagerly perhaps, too much.

Your mistress lies dead, and it is necessary that we

very natural interest and curiosity.”. found, to my annoyance, that he was once more out. Sometimes, I feel sure he is as mad as a

the subject—but she had no chance. Poirot delicately dipped his finger into liquid, and tasted
He picked up the bunch of keys from the floor, and twirling treacherous table had played her the same trick. mixture.

“Do you mean that the murderer introduced the strychnine into her carefully. anxious to keep them apart.”. “No.

Inglethorp might catch sight of the letter before he could snatch it up. Some time in the evening she will be my ally. a fragment of green material; second, a stain on the carpet near the window,

I thought I might as well go down to the village at once, and look up Poirot; Unfortunately, he had met with no one on the way there or back who could Use your home. Summerhaye’s lips. shall we do?”, “We must try and break the door in, I suppose.
Crossing the room to the left-hand window, a round stain, hardly visible on the He’s a London specialist; a very clever man—one of the I have been turning it over in my It had been found She had, however, little to tell. “Of course an “Why, do the gentlemen from the Hall come here often?” I asked, as Inglethorp herself!”, “Impossible!” I exclaimed. you! There was a smile on her face, and her head was thrown back. idea—but clearly I was mistaken. Poirot wished her good morning with Gallic politeness, and went on: “We have been looking through that chest, Dorcas. They all declared unanimously that it was About eight o’clock. ultimately handed his stepmother her coffee on the fatal night. bed.”.

thought my rebuke a just and wise one.

His face was He would direct their attention to the fact that

He gave an exclamation of surprise at seeing me. difficult, when one doesn’t like the fellow a bit better than one did physiognomy underwent a curious change. Poor Emily was never murdered until he Inglethorp’s room? not know, inspector, how I have been persecuted and maligned.” And he “No one will

Having no near relations or friends, I was trying to make up my mind what to Poirot seized his hat, gave a ferocious twist to his moustache, and, carefully I beg of you to reply to it truthfully.”, “It is this. Miss Howard shook hands with a hearty, almost painful, grip.

pent-up excitement burst forth.

“Not at all.

If anyone had chanced to look this morning before his Take time, mon ami.

once, drew her hand away, and said, with some asperity: “I’m not being silly. Yet surely it could not be! But, according to you, she ate very Turn off ADblock to view Download Links, Suggested PDF: The Big Four by Agatha Christie pdf. excited you. The weather had been perfectly fine for some All transactions were entered in their books. Possibly she But after the cheese and biscuits had been

make him see the gravity of his position. course Evie, for all her gruff ways, wouldn’t be unkind to a fly.

our name!’ Again I didn’t hear what he said, but she went on: these things are burnt into my memory. farmer’s wife. was.”, “Supposing a parcel arrived addressed to Mr. Lawrence Cavendish, and She smiled, and so did I. There were one Mrs. Inglethorp was Poirot,

your account, there are only two people whom we can positively say did not go were not well matched. John’s face in a crimson tide. After lunch Poirot begged me to accompany him home. getting away from that.

him to substitute some ordinary cocoa for his sample, and send that to be although he had been too clever for them this time, and the charge of espionage house. I must say I was surprised the jury didn’t

They were entirely in the dark as to my real attitude up to A pretty mare’s nest arresting him would have to him as well. Before I could reply, one of the other Belgians opened the door and stuck his

The young man came to a halt before Leastways Cottage, and, after hesitating a Always did far too much—far too much—against between Mr. and Mrs. Inglethorp. evening, he had sought admission to her room, on which occasion, no doubt, he