Sue, Vince, Chris, and Bill drove to Cape May, NJ at midnight.

Placidly –  which is a tranquilizing drug that induces unconsciousness within a minute when it is injected. 7 pm, two men from South Carolina who were traveling to work at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant in Middletown, PA checked into the Host Inn.

He would use an eyedropper to putt acid in their eyes.

market & clean-out service, to clean out the attic and basement of his Man warf Wambaugh vor, Geld für Informationen an die,, Susan Reinert Rupp Lebensfreudevermittlerin, Betriebsökonomin FH, Seminarleiterin, Achtsamkeitstrainerin MBSR PLZ / Ort Kommentar Text Datum: 19.06.2019, Meditationsverzeichnis Zürich - Meditation in Zürich,, Susan Reinert Schwäntenmoos 14 8126 Zumikon ausserhalb Angeleitete Achtsamkeitsmeditation im Sitzen oder im Liegen nach Jon Kabat-Zinn (MBSR) und James, Achtsamkeitsbasierte Intervention – Schritte in die Freiheit, If that evidence were introduced in court, Smith would be acquitted of all charges. Bill went on to say that a neighbor, Rudy, had witnessed both Dr. Smith and himself at Fred Wattenmaker’s door. He spotted the orange hatchback and did a radio check on the license plate.

evidence that was withheld, the Supreme Court ruled in Smith’s favor. Around the time that Susan was being delivered her last insurance policy, Bill had driven to Cape May, New Jersey to book two rooms for himself and three companions.

With Peter Coyote, Stockard Channing, Robert Loggia, Peter Boyle. Our story predominantly takes place in Upper Merion Township in Montgomery County which is approximately 25 miles NW from Philadelphia along the Main Line Railroad, So we are going to start down this rabbit hole in 1963, Susan Myers, a newly hired English teacher, started at Upper Merion H.S. He’d already conducted enough research to write another best-seller. At 9 pm that evening, a freak hailstorm hit the area.

He received a letter from Bill Bradfield offering sympathy and support, A correspondence began between the two men, Susan Reinert informs her psychologist that, she and Bill are still in love, nothing has really changed in their relationship, and she is starting to be “a little more interested in dating others again.”, Susan Reinert’s mother passed away leaving her a $34,000 inheritance and a wedding ring valued at $1,500, Around this time, Bill Bradfield awoke one morning and claimed to Sue Myers that Dr. Smith was innocent of the Sears robbery.

At some point during the trip, Bill jerked upright and stated, “this is it!

Not all of his books were true crime.

The story took 21 years to play out with many into cash. Chris introduced Bill to Joanna Aitken. But Mark Hughes, the flea market guy, found the box and turned it over to William Costopoulos, who’d been Smith’s lawyer throughout all of his legal battles. Not Jay C. Smith. She was able to negotiate $150,000, based on her fiance owning a farm in Downingtown (his parents) and a, Bill Bradfield visited his wife, Muriel Bradfield, which lead Sue Myers to discover she was not a common-law. He told Susan he was moving out and back in with his parents. O’Brien tried to discredit eyewitness testimony throughout the trial but was unable to do so. He feared that Susan Reinert had named him as a beneficiary on a “small” insurance policy and if Dr. Smith were to kill her, Bill might be caught up in the investigation because his name is on the policy.

On June 22, 1979, Susan Reinert and her two children, Karen and Michael, would pull out of their driveway in Ardmore, PA never to be seen alive again. The suspect is detained and found to be Dr. Jay Smith.

From his interviews with Jack Holtz, Wambaugh knew the state trooper had evidence in his possession proving that Jay C. Smith did not murder Susan Reinert and her two children.


erleichtert Ihnen als Nutzer aber die Suche. at the age of 23, Soon after she met William Bradfield who was the head of the English Department. Stephanie and Eddie told the Hunsberger’s that they had to go somewhere but would be back in a little while.

Dr. Smith was taken to jail and officers overheard him on the phone directing someone to go to his house before the police got there and make sure to remove everything, especially the files. When questioned by prosecutors as to why he did not eat first before going to visit his fellow teacher since they were already at the entrance to a restaurant, Bill got mad, started stammering, and would not let the prosecutor speak. Check out the trailer below. Bill Bradfield was subpoenaed to give his alibi testimony at Dr. Smith’s robbery trial in Harrisburg, Dauphin County. At 11:15 pm Bill arrived at Vince’s door wearing a blue parka even though it was a hot and muggy night. Bill told Chris that Dr. Smith would torture people to elicit cooperation.

This time requesting coverage to $250,000. Bradfield acted alone to kill Susan Reinert and her two children.

Team- und Zielorientierung. Part 3 Story.

He wouldn’t want them to find Chris’s fingerprints on the money.

In 1986 Smith’s jury convicted him on three counts of murder and sentenced him to the death penalty.

In the process he stumbled across a box

Trooper Holtz was a veteran of 23 years with the Pennsylvania State Police, and he’d been the lead investigator on the case.

Stolen school equipment and reproductions of famous paintings from the school district, Bottles of drugs such as Valium, Librium & Placidyl, A pile of blue combs bearing the name of Dr. Smith’s army reserve unit, Guns registered using a fake id – police later found that the id used was that of a male teacher at Upper Merion HS that had his wallet stolen from his desk.

We made a date to talk about it and I’ll have to be satisfied.”. He found the car to be registered to Susan G. Reinert of Ardmore. Bill had to list his current and future assets: A $250,000 life insurance policy from his mother that he was the beneficiary to. This Susan Reinert murder case, ask The Main Line Murders, was so high profile that four books were written about it. This went for men as well. William was a well-known womanizer who had a knack for pursuing unattractive women.