Since it made its debut in 1941, it's truly impressive!

In the early days of the comics, the first Starman was Ted Knight. The energy it gives off is actually incredibly bright. This means that it can grant its user extra powers and abilities, as a result of the cosmic power that it holds. In order to protect his eyes from long-term damage from the weapon, Jack Knight wore special goggles. Last Days of the Justice Society of America,, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, There was a television series planned based on Jack's adventures, from the creators of, Pemberton again was seen to use the cosmic staff (in addition to taking the Starman name) in, This page was last edited on 30 August 2020, at 13:48.
The Cosmic Staff could be considered one of the latter, as one of the most amazing weapons that DC's heroes have ever seen.

The second wielder of this weapon was the second Starman. Off-screen, he battles with Cameron Mahkent but he gets stabbed with an icicle shard and dies. 1 Takes an Academic Approach to Monsters, 10 DC Supervillains Who Are Stronger Than Captain Marvel, 10 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Stronger Than Doctor Strange, Justice League: 5 Members Who Can Beat The Hulk (& 5 Who Don't Stand A Chance), X-Men: 5 Members Who Can Beat The Hulk (& 5 Who Don't Stand A Chance), Superman: 10 Essential Comics For New Fans, 10 Genius Marvel Team-Up Featuring Spider-Man Pairings, DC: 5 Marvel Villains Static Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To), Marvel: 5 Heroes James Bond Would Team Up With (& 5 He Would Hate), Avengers: 5 Reasons Mjolnir Is The Greatest Weapon In The Marvel Universe (& 5 It's Cap's Shield), Super Weddings: 5 Superhero Marriages That Lasted (& 5 That Didn’t), X-Men: 10 Storylines Featuring The Starjammers Fans Should Read.

He and the Shade were seen in a non-speaking cameo appearance, attending Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding in the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special.
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RELATED: Stargirl: 10 Things You Need To Know About DC’s Next TV Hero. Its original --and most famous-- use is  manipulating gravity to move things around. It was once known as the Gravity Rod because it allowed its user to fly, thus defying gravity. It is currently known as the Cosmic Staff, due to its size increasing with a new wielder.

As a prisoner of the empire, Jack foments revolt to escape, working with members of the Green Lantern Corps, the Omega Men and the New Gods. Though Jack's ultimate fate is not explicitly mentioned, Thom Kallor has replaced him as Starman in this reality. Knight later gave a new version, called the "Cosmic Rod" to Sylvester Pemberton.

Jack lives and operates out of Opal City and has a number of allies. This can be utilized in a variety of different ways, with the heroes only scratching the surface of its potential. Over time, Jack comes to question whether or not the Shade's motives are more noble than he lets on. Later, Courtney fights Icicle with the staff. Although as a child Jack is fascinated by his father's heroic life, he becomes more and more rebellious as he grows older.

Courtney used the Cosmic Staff to teleport them back to the Watchtower. Now we're going to talk about some of the abilities of this amazing weapon. Though he takes his name and motif from the Star-Spangled Kid, Stars uses Jack's cosmic staff and dresses in a similar leather jacket and bandana.

This weapon has been shown to do so much more, though. The cosmic staff utilizes the same technology as the prototype "gravity rods" that Ted once wielded, and which Jack used before his father created the cosmic staff for him. Knight later gave a new version, called the "Cosmic Rod" to Sylvester Pemberton. While the Cosmic Staff was similar to the Rod in terms of abilities, it could also create force-fields, which helped them battle difficult environments, be it space or underwater. It's not an issue that has affected more modern wielders, though, and this brightness was also good as a way to momentarily dazzle enemies in battle. To do so, he travels to Hell to rescue two men he hardly knows, tries valiantly to save a friendly incarnation of Solomon Grundy, and helps prove Bulletman's innocence when he is accused of having been a Nazi agent during World War II. Jack's older brother David takes over his father's mantle, while Jack often regards the superhero role with open disdain.

There have been a few different versions of it, however. However, it was soon turned into the Cosmic Converter Belt. Starman (Jack Knight) is fictional character, a comic book superhero in the DC Comics Universe, and a member of the Justice Society of America. Having the answer to that final riddle, Jack retires and takes his son to live with him and Sadie in San Francisco. After the multiverse was recreated, Stargirl wielded the Cosmic Staff as part of a group of vigilantes.

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He talks with her but they get interrupted, and Sylvester, sensing danger, throws Chloe into a dumpster. The Cosmic Staff would be the signature weapon of Jack Knight's career as Starman with his father Ted on call to repair, upgrade or advise Jack about how to properly use the staff (whether Jack listened to him or not) or give advice to Opal City's current guardian if necessary. The Staff is always being used as a weapon, but it is also a powerful defensive tool. They have been shown in the past to significantly weaken Kryptonians, which is especially useful when facing a villain like Zod. Jack meets Will Payton, whose body has been merged with the mind of yet another Starman, Prince Gavyn. The force field also works in flight, protecting Starman when flying in space and high in the atmosphere. Jack has passed his cosmic rod onto Courtney Whitmore, who calls herself "Stargirl" and currently operates with the JSA. This was during the earlier days of comic books, where many of the heroes were more reality-based.

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The Cosmic Staff is a long rod-like weapon that once belonged to Sylvester Pemberton but was passed down to his protogé Courtney Whitmore after he died. The staff required a wielder for its abilities to be activated. Jack eschews a "uniform", instead opting to wear his street clothes (though he eventually supplements them with a small sheriff's star and a leather coat with a stylized star symbol on the back); his only "superheroic" accessories are his cosmic staff and a pair of tank driver's anti-flare goggles to protect his eyes during flight and from the brilliant light generated by the staff. There have been a few variations on the Cosmic Rod. There's a number of benefits to being so connected to the weapon. However, a chance encounter diverts Jack from his intended route, and he is lost in both time and space. The Mist then attempts to murder Jack as well, who narrowly escapes by using one of his father's old gravity rods.

Jack also finds common ground with Jake "Bobo" Benetti, a retired super-strong bank robber from his father's days.

The debut of this weapon shows its longevity as a piece of iconic symbolism for the character. This issue did not feature Jack Knight, but instead focused on Opal City, the Shade, and a Black Lantern Starman.

In his old age, Ted Knight created the Cosmic Staff, which was used by Jack Knight (the third Starman). In the fight, she loses the staff and Icicle sends ice daggers straight at her, but she is saved by Green Arrow. Courtney Whitmore steals the staff from the police evidence locker and is confronted by Oliver over it. James Robinson currently has a deal with DC Comics stipulating that they cannot use his Starman characters without his permission, which is why Jack has appeared very little since the end of his series. The current wielder of the Cosmic Staff is Stargirl. Jack's most intriguing ally is the Shade, an immortal Golden Age supervillain who aids Jack because he considers Opal City his home and wants it to remain quiet. It was originally just used for flight. Created by James Robinson and Tony Harris, he first appeared in Zero Hour #1 (September 1994).

Because of the cosmic energy it has absorbed, it can actually create more energy that can be used as a weapon. James Robinson returned to the Starman series in January 2010 for a single issue (#81) that was a tie-in to the DC event, Blackest Night.

He eventually kills the Mist's son in battle and captures both the Mist and his daughter Nash, who vows revenge. If George isn't lecturing someone on the history of the MCU, he's probably ranting about the political consequences of Putin's latest horse riding trip.

Jack has to split his time between Opal City and the JSA's hometown of New York, making him a part-time member.

The Staff can also absorb other energy shot at it, which it will then use again in the future. There are a number of fascinating weapons in the DC Universe. Jack's role in the family changes after David is murdered by the son of the Mist, one of his father's old arch-foes.

During his heroic career, Jack meets and falls in love with a woman named Sadie. Jack is the son of Ted Knight, who, as Starman, was a Golden Age superhero. It was one of the 8 "dead" titles being revived for one issue.

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Jack also rescues Mikaal Tomas, an alien who briefly operated in New York under the name Starman during the 1970s.

The Mist later succumbs to dementia after the death of his son. Mist intends to raise him to hate Jack and all he stands for. Jack had an appearance in Identity Crisis #1, a non-speaking cameo, sitting next to Stargirl at Sue Dibny's funeral.

He resigns from the team following his father's death and the end of his superhero career. Jack vows to prove her wrong.

However, it was soon turned into the Cosmic Converter Belt.

Before it makes its live-action debut, then, here are some interesting details about the Cosmic Staff that fans should know about. While we're not sure how powerful the staff will be in the show, we've seen a lot of the fantstic things the weapon can do in the comics.

At present, the staff is attuned to its current wielder, Stargirl; it seems difficult to quickly change the staff's affiliation. Although he has been told by Charity that he possesses the same sight as she, only to a lesser degree, he has never truly explored it. Later, Jack joins the Justice Society of America, following in his father's footsteps.

He meets the Legion of Super-Heroes, counsels Jor-El (father of Superman), and then helps Adam Strange fight an invading empire. According to Manhunter vol.

3, #23, he is still living in San Francisco. He is the son of the original Starman, Ted Knight. Originally called the "Gravity Rod", it first appeared in Adventure Comics#61 (April, 1941). He created the Cosmic Staff in order to channel some of the energy that he wields. For some, it's a much smaller weapon known as a Quarvat.

Although Jack is shown as both schooled and talented in fine art, his true passion is collectibles.

When she reveals that she is the sister of Will Payton, yet another hero to bear the name of Starman, he vows to set off into space to find her missing brother. Jack resolves to track down the Mist out of a desire to protect his father.

In the alternate future of the Titans Tomorrow, Courtney has changed her name to "Starwoman" and now carries Jack's trademark jacket in addition to the staff.

First are the O'Dares, a family of Opal City police officers. It has since been used to actually move other objects, sometimes to throw them as offensive weapons.

From its curious origins to the true extent of its powers, here are some details that Stargirl and DC fans should know about the mighty Cosmic Staff.