No magic!” Alec announced and Clary crossed her arms. [14], The night before Simon's Ascension, he snuck out of the Academy with Clary and Portaled back to New York. With Isabelle's help, Jace was able to kill off Sebastian though very weak. He makes fun of her often but is also affectionate of her. There wasn’t much Alec could think to ask for. Tragedy befalls when a serial killer comes to New York City hunting down the rich in New York. She filled him in on what had been going on in Alicante since they came here, and what was happening now, but did not mention any personal feelings. Isabelle's relationship with Simon improved over time, with Simon spending some nights with Isabelle telling her stories, even Star Wars. Her mother, Maryse, was always a good cook but she never taught Isabelle, fearing that she might be relegated to the kitchen forever, instead of being a great Shadowhunter she eventually grew to be. Ever since her mother told her to never trust men she guarded herself against them with a string of lovers that were all troublemakers that would irritate her parents.

Isabelle was furious when she found out that she was putting Jace's life on the line in exchange for the Mortal Instruments already in Valentine's possession and called Imogen out on her choices, especially once Valentine finally revealed to her that Jace wasn't his spy. She then fled, only to find, just arrived from New York, Simon.

“Okay, what is up with me today? During the wedding, Isabelle held Max while wiping away tears of joy.[17]. Now it's time to see where their life takes them to the end. He and Alec often make fun of her terrible cooking. “Seriously, are we on this again??

[8], During Jocelyn and Luke's wedding, Simon told Isabelle that he hoped to be with her as the man she deserved, as the hero they knew he was. Eye color: However, it turns out that Jace wouldn’t be the only Lightwood jealous of this new relationship. Isabelle then asked Helen to give Simon a letter asking for permission to visit him because she had ambushed him with her appearances in the past.

The boy drew the blanket to his chin. When the battle was over, Isabelle explained what happened to the Clave, and she and Simon made up. She is a very free-spirited girl that enjoys partying, flirting, and clothes. That they have in common. The pair grew closer, though she remained reluctant to accept she may actually be in love with him. Or perhaps Gold? At this time, Clary asked Simon to leave the room in order to talk to Isabelle alone. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (934), The Mortal Instruments Series - Cassandra Clare (945), The Shadowhunter Chronicles - All Media Types (462), The Shadowhunter Chronicles - Cassandra Clare (405), Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy - Cassandra Clare (95), The Infernal Devices Series - Cassandra Clare (79), The Dark Artifices Series - Cassandra Clare (76), The Bane Chronicles - Sarah Rees Brennan & Cassandra Clare & Maureen Johnson (61), Alec Lightwood & Isabelle Lightwood (109), The Shadowhunter Chronicles - All Media Types, The Mortal Instruments Series - Cassandra Clare, The Infernal Devices Series - Cassandra Clare, The Dark Artifices Series - Cassandra Clare, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Alec Lightwood & Isabelle Lightwood & Jace Wayland, Magnus Bane/Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern | Sebastian Verlac, Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern | Sebastian Verlac, Alternate Universe - Beauty and the Beast Fusion, mention of cheating but no one actually cheated, Robert lightwood is a homophobic ass and genuinely not a nice person, Immortal Husbands Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood, The Shadowhunter Chronicles - Cassandra Clare. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

This stems from her mother telling her to never trust men because they will always hurt her.

Alec looked up and sent him a smile.

Magnus Bane always considered himself a clever and — although his friends might now agree with this part — sane person. Still hurting from her argument up at the Gard, Isabelle was relieved to see him and embraced him.
Now free, Alec recovers from his injuries and must come to terms with what happened between him and Magnus. Once Isabelle snuck through the Portal, she found Jace fighting a losing battle against Sebastian. He accompanies Clary in her adventures, despite being human for the first book and most of the second book. Only Church the Cat (still alive, still supernatural) remembers everything and he slips them into Magnus’ mind. But would he be able to stay afloat in a sea of secrets? When Simon first came to the Institute, he was immediately starstruck by Isabelle, thinking that he finally found someone that could help him get over Clary. He snapped his fingers and the pot appeared in his hands. Simon goes to the park for songwriting inspiration and finds that - and more - in the form of Isabelle, who turns out to be more than just a pretty face on a sunny day. Some time after, Isabelle met Simon at Veselka, where he expressed his disbelief about ever being able to attract a girl like her. This begins to show a much deeper and loving side of her that is often only revealed when around her family. She and Magnus began discussing ways to get him back and finally managed to a few months later, to her relief and happiness. How would Clary's story have changed if she'd been raised by Valentine? When Jace brought a wounded and runed Clary back to the Institute the next evening, Isabelle was tasked with looking after her in the infirmary. They later got into an argument about faeries, then later about their non-issues with Simon's missing memories, after which Izzy stormed out of the store. Clary went with Isabelle and Alec to save Jace after the Silent City was attacked and they found that all of the Silent Brothers had been killed.

Isabelle Lightwood (1781) Simon Lewis (1670) Alec Lightwood (1665) Magnus Bane (1616) Jace Wayland (1528) Clary Fray (1484) Maryse Lightwood (600) Luke Garroway (461) Raphael Santiago (461) Catarina Loss (429) Include Relationships Simon Lewis/Isabelle Lightwood (1972) Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood (1681) Clary Fray/Jace Wayland (1480) But things don't exactly go as planned - after being kidnapped by Sebastian himself, she vows to exact revenge, but her heart says otherwise. Isabelle kept on telling herself that she should have been there for him to hold on to, not a 'stupid little toy'. Eyes meeting for a brief second, long enough to send a message to the brain.

Like many other Shadowhunters, Isabelle never wanted to have a, Isabelle's middle name, Sophia, is also the name of a Lightwood from the 1800s—. Hearing from her mother that Jace had witnessed the death of his own father, Isabelle, who liked the feeling of being wanted, had expected Jace to come to her like a scared child needing comfort. They then informed them that the only way to separate Sebastian from Jace without killing Jace was to use a heavenly sword. At this point, Isabelle's anger at him seemed to have worn down. The Shadowhunters' Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community.

Since this is Human AU characters will act human and OOC as needed to fit into the story, Smut is indicated at the beginning of the chapter when it happens, Alec Lightwood & Original Female Character(s), Rebecca Marie Lightwood (OC)/Jonathan Cristopher Morgenstern, Good Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern | Sebastian Verlac, POV Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern | Sebastian Verlac, Love this fandom too much to not write this, Asmodeus Being an Asshole (Shadowhunter Chronicles). She has long, ink-black hair that goes down to her waist, and dark brown-gold flecked eyes that are usually mistaken for black. “As feisty as ever.” Alec said, clearly pointing the statement towards Rafael. Isabelle initially shared the Lightwood family 's snobbish attitude toward mundanes and Downworlders. Faster than a blink, swifter than a breath.

When Isabelle was mortally wounded in the fighting, they returned to the caves and Simon was able to save her by using his own blood, which as a Daylighter had restorative powers.

Ragnor snorted.

“How are my little blueberry and my brave little shadowhunter?” Magnus cooed, leaning onto the doorway. While Clary at first finds Isabelle's abrasive nature disquieting, she soon grows to like her when she comes to know her warm side. Both promptly broke up with him. A long time has passed since our heroes fought in the war. She is baffled, looking at her brothers, to see them giving themselves to love. Izzy also went to the Faerie Court along with Clary, Jace, and Simon. Isabelle always had difficulty with commitment.

When Alec was elected as Consul, Izzy was seen waving to her brother in a congratulatory way.

According to the adults, the children may choose.

Isabelle relieved told him that he was no longer cursed. Isabelle acted as bait, seducing and luring an Eidolon demon—who was initially oblivious to the fact that she was a Shadowhunter as her runes were covered with the long sleeves of her white gown—into following her to a supply room, while her brothers followed to kill the demon. Isabelle is also very confident in her looks, this is in stark contrast with her brother Alec who isn't confident in his own skin. When Jace and Clary brought Simon Lewis into the Institute with them, Isabelle rebuked Jace for bringing another mundane, knowing that Hodge would do the same.

Isabelle Sophia Lightwood When Simon decided to be the one who summoned Raziel since he had the Mark of Cain and thus more chances of surviving, Isabelle was very worried. It was because of this incident that Isabelle became extremely distrustful of men and found herself not believing in love. Eventually, when Jace made it clear that he saw Isabelle as a possible training partner and equal, she grew to love him as a brother. It took Isabelle a long time to realize how she was affected by her mother's advice. Taking Simon with them and leaving Clary behind.

Alec and the gang are college graduates carving out their 20something lives. While Jace was being trapped by the Inquisitor, Isabelle and even Max protested that Jace wasn't Valentine's pet, while Alec seemingly turned on Jace and sided with the Inquisitor.