As explained in Ghost Rider #77 (1973 series), the physical, stone body of the demon Zarathos had lain inert and inanimate beneath the earth for eons until his spirit was summoned by a Native American tribal sorcerer named K'Nutu to help his tribe.

When at full strength, Zarathos has exhibited influence over certain earthly elements; able to conjure thunderstorms to incinerate his opponents with bolts of lighting as well as rupture the ground either to trap his victims in hard rock or to impale them with spikes stalagmites. Eventually, his activities earned him the envy of the demon Mephisto, who felt those souls belonged to him. Zarathos is an angel, the Spirit of Justice, created and sent by God to protect the innocent on Earth. [3] As time progresses, Zarathos would occasionally from time to time assert his control over Johnny Blaze's body. Zarathos's fractured mental state also what allowed powerful demonic beings such as Mephisto or Daniel Ketch (who was technically the half-demon son of Mephisto) to easily command him. Immediately before the process of unbonding, Doctor Strange retold Blaze the full history of Zarathos: he was an angel, the Spirit of Justice, sent on Earth to protect the innocents. He became the Spirit of Vengeance. Zarathos turned into the Spirit of Vengeance. And one look at his blazing skull and demonic ride seems to confirm that Marvel’s Ghost Rider is indeed an agent of the devil. In the movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the spirit possessing Johnny Blaze was revealed to be an incarnation of Zarathos, an Angel of Justice who was charged with protecting humanity. [6] As the Ghost Rider, he re-encountered Centurious.

This prompts the Avengers to chase Ghost Rider down.

His mission to protect the innocent was perverted into a lust to punish the guilty. He first appears in Marvel Spotlight #5 (August 1972). At the same time, Kaine also tries to bring Daredevil (who had been killed by the Kingpin while saving Kaine's life) back to life. This backfires when Zarathos attempted to claim Tyne's body as his own. Zarathos was the demon that Mephisto used to posses Johnny Blaze and create the Ghost Rider. Who is Dr. Terminal, The Umbrella Academy's Wannabe Galactus.

After revealing his father's demise, Zarathos showed no remorse saying that he truly deserved to slowly burned in his own Hell, before all of the Spirits were returned to their original timelines in the mortal world, were they belong to, protecting Earth from demonic threats once again. Zarathos is a specific spirit of vengeance and a very violent one at that. After defeating R…

Upon hearing the banishment of his father out of Heaven into the unknown regions of the cosmos, Zarathos cared so little of him, remarking that a irresponsible and a failure of a father like him even deserved to be tormented in eternal punishment. Related: Ghost Rider’s Worst Weakness is His Host, Johnny Blaze. This alliance proves mutually beneficial, flourishes and a strong cult builds up around Zarathos, which gets the attention of Mephisto, who decides that Zarathos has too much of a following and is depriving him and the other Lords of Hell of souls. Although he promised them increased power, in actuality Zarathos was using their powers to further augment himself.

This differs from the comic books, where Zarathos is indeed a demon - and in fact, one of the worst (or best, depending on your stance) given his incredible power and hunger for souls.

After Johnny bond with Zarathos to defeat Mephistopheles, the very demon lord that corrupted him in the first place; the defeat of the demon lord resulted his angelic grace and sanity gradually returning to him. Mephisto tricked and defeated Zarathos and then bonded his essence to several mortal hosts to create Ghost Riders. This article, Zarathos (Earth-61615), is property of MarvelousMarty. (who was now gaining control over Zarathos' imprisonment on Hell and Earth after his father, Mephisto abandoned his realm of Hell), Zarathos was freed from Hell's corruption and has returned to his true, angelic form. It also allowed his host to resist his influence to some degree.

Johnny Blaze is now free from the curse that Mephisto placed on him many years before and the first existence of the Ghost Rider comes to an end.

As a member of the Defenders, he runs into Blaze after Blaze has been freed of Zarathos. He became the Spirit of Vengeance himself as a punishment by Mephisto. Blade defeats Zarathos by turning him into stone;[volume & issue needed] he remained that way until the Ghost Rider: Hammerlane mini-series where he began to reconstitute himself within Johnny Blaze, after which he and Johnny made peace with one another. Given all of this, could the creature dwelling inside Johnny Blaze and other Ghost Riders be an angel? A one-stop shop for all things video games. Centurious' lack of a soul rendered him immune to many of Zarathos' power. From there on, Zarathos would punish, burn, and devour the soul of anyone who had sinned that he would find, no matter how small the sin or the age of the sinner. He is the source of Johnny's power as the Ghost Rider. As a result, Noble’s soul was kept in a limbo realm - untouched by devils or angels - and could only be bonded to members of his family like Danny Ketch. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The individual who attacked Lucifer was revealed to be Jesus Christ Himself, and singled-handedly outmatches Lucifer with His true powers, before finally vanquishing him from the battleground of Armageddon, transporting him in his own realm of Hell. In the 2012 film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the Ghost Rider is revealed to be an incarnation of Zarathos himself.

Ghost Rider: Is The Spirit Of Vengeance A Demon Or An Angel? This greatly weakens Zarathos who, without Blaze's soul, finds himself dying, for as a demon, and thus truly not of the Earth as mortals are, Zarathos cannot maintain himself upon the earthly plane unless he possesses the physical body of a mortal.

His original mission of protecting the innocents, corrupted by Hell, became a dark obsession of punishing the guilty, and he became fallen angel the Spirit of Vengeance. His desire to protect the (mostly) innocent among mankind was forgotten, and replaced with a twisted lust for punishing the guilty.

In Hell, he was corrupted and was tortured with visions of humanity's depravity until he went insane before manages to finding his way onto the planet Earth, where he later desires to protect the innocent among mankind was forgotten, and replaced with a twisted lust for punishing the guilty.

He was tricked by the Devil to fall into Hell, where he was corrupted and driven insane. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Michael’s background in storytelling draws him to find the most fascinating aspects of any topic and transform them into a narrative that informs and entertains the reader. Ghost Rider’s Worst Weakness is His Host, Johnny Blaze, The Ghost-Rider Has His Own Spaceship of Vengeance, Spider-Man Becomes a Religion in Marvel’s Future, The Robot Hulk Marvel Has Completely Forgotten About, Meet DC's Omega Knight, The Biggest Dark Knight Yet, Who Are The Power Pack? [2], Zarathos is then forced to serve Mephisto for many centuries in the Netherworld, an extra-dimensional land of the dead sometimes called "Hell", though still powerful enough to avoid total confinement. Thanks to a life spent immersed in comic books and movies, Michael is always ready to infuse his articles with offbeat bits of trivia for an extra layer of fun. In modern times, Zarathos is bound to Johnny Blaze; the combined Blaze/Zarathos entity manifests as a leather-clad flaming skeleton known as the Ghost Rider, ultimately serving the side of "good" while still using hellish means, which earns the Ghost Rider a reputation of fear and Johnny Blaze a never-ending sense of guilt.

He is the source of Johnny's power as the Ghost Rider.

Although his origins are steeped in bargains with the devil, the Ghost Rider is frequently an agent of good, using his powers to punish the wicked and even protect the innocent. He is the source of Johnny's power as the Ghost Rider.

His original mission of protecting the innocents, corrupted by Hell, became a dark obsession of punishing the guilty, and he became fallen angel the Spirit of Vengeance.

His name was first mentioned by Mephisto in response to a wager made by Azmodeus. His work has been featured in Screen Rant, ASU Now, Sell Books Fast,, and Free Arts among others. Mephisto, however, managed to deceive him and capture him, torturing him for eons, until Zarathos had gone completely mad. After defeating The Devil as Roarke and saving Danny, Zarathos finally remembers what his original mission was and the angel inside him finally reawakens.

Zarathos feels cheated out of his revenge against Centurious, but with the help of the now-dying Sin-Eater, the demon manages to transfer his essence into the crystal. Comic Origins & Powers Explained. Zarathos was the demon that Mephisto used to posses Johnny Blaze and create the Ghost Rider.

Thus the Beyonder (after re-imprisoning Zarathos inside the Soul Crystal) allows the universe one more day to exist (during that additional day came the Beyonder's defeat and seeming death). Zarathos also has significant knowledge of magical lore, and possesses the ability to manipulate magical energies for a variety of effects.

Marvel Theory: The X-Men Are About To Learn Apocalypse's Greatest Secret, The Avengers Battle The Justice League In Epic Crossover Art.

[4] Zarathos was temporarily separated from John Blaze by the Crimson Mage. Due to Zarathos hatred for his own father, Johnny Blaze let him control as the Ghost Rider one more time, and they battled each other once again, but was still outmatched in the end by his father and creator. However, he suffers horrible agony since Ghost Rider was still residing within him. Characters with Accelerated Healing Factors, He was tricked by the Devil to fall into Hell, where he was corrupted and driven insane. Before the crystal merges back into one piece, it sucks Centurious inside as well. At first, Blaze had control over the form, but Zarathos began to assert more and more control, although he was ultimately controlled by Blaze's subconscious. [volume & issue needed], During the Damnation event, Zarathos along with Johnny Blaze went to Hell and took Mephisto's Throne, becoming the new King of Hell. [volume & issue needed].

Zarathos is the former fallen angel who took possession of Johnny Blaze after the latter made the deal with Mephistopheles. [volume & issue needed] Eventually, Zarathos was ultimately bound once again to Johnny Blaze. In the comics, Zarathos is a pure demon, not a mad fallen angel. A young Zarathos, still an angel before his exile on Hell. [volume & issue needed], Before he was turned to stone, Zarathos had claimed that he had coupled with Lilith, impregnating her. Eager to control Zarathos, however, Blaze leaves Roxanne and begins a travel in search of redemption. Lucifer then unleashed his innermost true power of a Hell-Lord, and rapidly attacks Zarathos annihilating him in battle. Zarathos fought the ancient Spirits of Vengeance and corrupted a number of their overseers, the Blood into his "Fallen". After a deal with the demon overlord Mephistopheles, Zarathos is bound to Johnny Blaze's soul and body. Character Gallery: Zarathos (Earth-61615), Spider-Man overcomes Zarathos' nightmarish attempts at corrupting him and saves the Kingpin's life.