There's a series of displays depicting various factories and plants, such as the candy factory or bread factory.

At the crossroads, turn left at the orange building. In the centre is the Wisdom Tree Stage, where they stage performances and hold parades.

This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. 〒206-8588 東京都多摩市落合1丁目31, Opening hours: We'll introduce each of the floors and this zone in turn. See the real life locations featured in Whisper of the Heart, the beloved anime film, on this guided adventure.
The first floor is mostly a mix of theatres and shops around its perimeter. more. - image © Florentyna Leow, Shops, shops, and more shops. You may witness an energetic dance performance at the Wisdom Tree Stage during your time there. Outside this ride are several small merry-go-rounds, claw machines, and child-sized train carriages. After you've finished walking around, you can take another staircase down to the first floor. These are sponsored by local Japanese companies such as Morinaga (the chocolate factory) or Yamazaki Baking (the bread factory).

We suggest purchasing tickets in advance from GoVoyagin, which offers up to 48% off the full price. Is this just fantasy? You'll start at Shinjuku Station.

They sell omelette rice, various pasta dishes, and roast beef rice bowls.

I spent a little more than 2 hours in the … - image © Florentyna Leow, A Sanrio takarabune, or treasure boat. Gudetama’s airline was a favorite activity. - image © Florentyna Leow, View of the first floor from the second. There’s no room here for Sanrio's more adult-oriented, satirical characters like, For all the essentials in a brief overview, see my, Check Tokyo accommodation availability and pricing on, Need tips on where to stay? Then there's the Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant, which is essentially a very large cafeteria. - image © Florentyna Leow, The My Melody shop. Turn left at the ticket barriers, walk straight, up a short flight of stairs, and onwards. Excellent if you want Instagrammable photos of cute characters on your food. I liked the "Gudetama Airport" part of the trip as it was only fun activities. Meet an informative local guide and visit Seiseki Sakuragaoka, the town where the movie took place, and explore important sites like the shrine where Sugimura confesses his feelings to Shizuku and the hill where Seiji proposes to Shizuku. I'm a big fan of Sanrio, especially Gudetama.

- image © Florentyna Leow, A pudding, Caesar salad, and spaghetti bolognese. Luckily for Sanrio, she isn't just their company's one hit wonder - they have a string of characters hits to their name, from the sugary-sweet My Melody rabbit to the famously apathetic egg, Gudetama. Here are the basic admission prices for the park: Weekdays aren't particularly crowded, but it can be much busier during weekends and school holidays when families congregate here with their children. Featuring other characters such as Gudetama, My Melody and Cinnamoroll — the theme park is a popular day trip activity from Shinjuku, being only a 30-minute train ride away.
Sanrio Puroland is at the end of the road. We did some Google search and play only 2-3 activities including the boat trip, and queue for more than 40 mins to enter Gaudetama experience area. A day out at Sanrio Puroland is more about enjoying the numerous performances and parades - there's pretty much a …

- image © Florentyna Leow, A large sign for Sanrio Puroland. Again, thank you very much for your valuable feedback. Next to Dream Cafe is Restaurant Yakata. If there is only a Rapid Train 快速 available, that's fine too - it will just take a little bit longer as there will be more stops on this line. The boat ride through the world was in maintenance, so unfortunately we had to skip it. Th, 1-31 Ochiai, Tama 206-8588 Tokyo Prefecture, My 24 yr old daughter and I visited and thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment in the theater and at the parade. - image © Florentyna Leow, For illustration purposes, the top line in orange shows the Semi Rapid Express bound for Hashimoto at a different station on the Keio Line. The Character Food Court serves food such as curry rice and ramen, all with Sanrio mascots on them. Taking the escalators down from the third floor, straight from the ticket barriers, will take you down to Puro Village. - image © Florentyna Leow, Look for the orange building. - image © Florentyna Leow, Ticket prices for Sanrio Puroland.