Let’s all bring our inner child out to play, this October! Take a fresh sheet of paper, and write, on the left hand side of the page, “Inner child:”, and then allow him or her to speak to you freely.

Don’t see it as a distraction or something tiresome you have to do. Having a little space and separation from your inner child is important.
If reparenting your inner child is a core focus for you in your inner work lately, then reparenting journalling will be your new best friend.

I also mean play with the inner child of another person! This is natural and will pass, as you learn to open your heart again, in deeper ways. Find ways to play and prioritize pleasure and ease in your life, wherever possible. Betterhelp.com. So, reparenting is not only giving your younger self their childhood back by fulfilling their desires. Or maybe they want you to know that they’re angry at you for ignoring them for so long. You can know what you need and ask for help. Get the insights from your reparenting journalling, and then take action in your life with the insights that you were gifted from your inner child. Even in cases where the parenting techniques are wrong, the same parental pattern goes on for generations until someone realises their mistake. We can only give others what we have practiced giving ourselves.

Our dialogue with ourself is highly self-critical and can lead to a poor sense of self-esteem. Some signs you have a wounded child might include that you: If you recognize yourself in many (not necessarily all) of the above-listed items, then there is a high chance that you have a wounded inner child. So that’s the practice. And so as long as these unmet needs stay below the level of conscious awareness, we will be drawn towards binge eating, drugs, alcohol, over-working, compulsive exercise, over-spending, video game or internet addiction, and a whole host of other ways that people subtly or overtly numb themselves to their deeper needs. The inner parent wants to protect us from our painful emotions. The success of adults both professionally and personally relies upon the quality of their communication skills. How to Deal with Controlling People in Your Life. It’s really quite simple.

We then find ourselves frequently reacting to similar events in the same way without knowing that it’s just part of our childhood patterns that we have been denying. The exercise has multiple phases, and gets easier and simpler with time.

Learn how to fight less, love more, and have better sex! Why can’t us adults do that! Reparenting involves learning to give your wounded inner child all the love, respect, and dignity they deserved when you were young.