After dancing with Freddie at the school dance, Poppy trips and hits her head, which leads Freddie to take the concussed Poppy outside for air, where he attempts to kiss her, but is caught by Harriet's followers, Charlotte and Jane. Emma Roberts as Poppy Moore, a spoiled teenager living in Malibu. With no one else to turn to, Poppy sneaks down to the cook's room and calls Ruby, who accidentally reveals how much she dislikes Poppy, and that she is seeing Poppy's boyfriend. Some months later, Poppy and her friends (including Freddie) are shown relaxing in Malibu; Poppy ignores Ruby’s phone calls (now fully aware that Ruby really wasn’t a good friend to her after all). When they find that Drippy is missing, Poppy runs into the burning school to rescue her; after the fire is put out, Freddie finds her lighter and gives it back to her, refusing to listen to what happened. During a fight that ensued with Harriet, she learns that the person was actually Freddie, and Harriet becomes embarrassed and angry when Poppy exposes her crush on Freddie. She leave the past and welcomes the future. On the day her father’s new girlfriend Rosemary was about to move in to their mansion, Poppy and her friends destroy all her things.

Her father comes to the game of the lacrosse finals, and is shocked by Poppy’s dramatic change in appearance and how much she looks like her mother (who had also been captain of the lacrosse team at Abbey Mount). During the hearing, Poppy tells her story. She dances with Freddy at the school dance, much to Harriet’s dismay; soon, Poppy trips and hits her head, prompting Freddie to take her outside for air, where he asks her out on a date. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 29 septembre 2020 à 08:23. She is miserable in her new life as she does not fit in, and has no friends. Poppy Moore is the main protagonist from Wild Child.

Revealing that the girls’ mobile phones (which were confiscated earlier on) were always intended to be decoys, Kate lets Poppy use her actual phone to call her friend Ruby (Shelby Young) in the United States. On the date, Poppy finds herself falling for Freddie. "But in my heart, I've discovered that I am an Abbey Mount girl." Because of that, Poppy is miserable in her new life, feeling that she does not fit in as an outsider. Alex Pettyfer as Freddie Kingsley, Mrs. Kingsley's son and Poppy's love interest, later boyfriend. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. The film ends as they prepare to jump off the very same cliff that helped Poppy towards finding herself and making proper friends. Poppy’s entire suitcase is left out in the rain, which soaks everything. Just as she realizes that she no longer wants to leave, Poppy goes to the headmistress and confesses. Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) est une jeune fille riche et gâtée de Malibuentourée d'amis superficiels, dont Ruby, sa soi-disant meilleure amie. Poppy then does a dangerous jump off a cliff into the ocean. Poppy Moore is the daughter to Mr. Gerry Moore and has a younger sister, Molly. Toutefois, les jours passant, elle apprend à connaître les filles qui partagent son dortoir : Kate (sa « grande sœur », sorte de marraine à « Abbey Mount »), Drippy, Josy et Kiki, qui promettent de l'aider à se faire renvoyer de l'établissement pour qu'elle puisse rentrer en Californie. She is portrayed by Emma Roberts. Feeling even more alone, Poppy starts playing with her lighter and accidentally sets a curtain on fire; hearing footsteps, she quickly puts out the fire and runs off. When none of their plans work, they decide to seduce the headmistress's son, Freddie, who is strictly forbidden to fraternize with any of the girls. Going to the court, they stand up for Poppy, and Harriet accidentally confesses to restarting the fire after Poppy had put it out. Sitting on a bench outside sulking, Harriet spots her and orders her “maid” — an intimidated Year 7 student — to drench Poppy with dirty coffee-filled water that was being used to age Harriet's Keira Knightley costume for the school dance; however, this ultimately results in Poppy and Kate starting to form a friendship.