. These departments are: Notable alumni from the NUS Business school are listed below, NUS MBA (Master of Business Administration), NUS Full-Time MBA (Master of Business Administration), NUS Part-Time MBA (Master of Business Administration), Master in Public Administration and Management, NUS BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), CEMS Master's in International Management (CEMS MIM), "Best International MBAs: Two-Year Programs", "Business school rankings from the Financial Times - FT.com", NUS Business School: History and Milestones, "History & Milestones - NUS Business School", "Analytics & Operations - NUS Business School", "CEMS Master's in International Management - MSc", http://ucla.nus.edu/why-ucla-nus-emba/63-overview, "World University Rankings 2019 by subject: business and economics", "Best Global Universities for Economics and Business", "The Best International MBAs: Two-Year Programs", "These Are the Best International MBA Programs", "Academic Partnerships - NUS Business School", NUS Business School Executive Education programmes, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=NUS_Business_School&oldid=968258029, Articles with dead external links from March 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Instances of Infobox university using image size, Pages using infobox university with the affiliations parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. La Facoltà comprende il Dipartimento della Ragioneria così come il Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale. Il dipartimento comprende l'Unità di Gestione delle Risorse Umane. 3.3 Multidisciplinary Opportunities From day one they are immersed in a global learning environment and are given the right tools to allow them to reach their career aspirations. The programme is conducted entirely in Singapore.

The programme emphasises healthcare economics and financing, healthcare policy and systems, and quality of care measuring systems, and offers framework to maximise organisational efficiency and resource allocations. "https://" : "http://"); document.write(unescape("%3Cspan id='cnzz_stat_icon_1277452369'%3E%3C/span%3E%3Cscript src='" + cnzz_protocol + "s23.cnzz.com/stat.php%3Fid%3D1277452369%26show%3Dpic' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); NUS MBA is a journey of self discovery, culture immersion and leadership improvement. Ci sono 5 programmi di specializzazione gli studenti possono scegliere tra: La NUS MBA Specializzazione in Finanza si concentra sulle preoccupazioni del settore finanziario negli ultimi anni, che coprono argomenti come la gestione finanziaria internazionale, private equity, fusioni e acquisizioni, opzioni e futures e di corporate governance. 3.2 Degree Requirements 28. The NUS Executive MBA – Chinese 3.4.3 NUS Overseas College Programme (NOC) Participants will leave with an MBA from both the NUS Business School and UCLA Anderson School of Management. The NUS Master of Business Administration – Master in Public Administration (with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy) Non NUS alumni may apply too. La scuola si trova presso il fiore all'occhiello Mochtar Riady costruzione al NUS Kent Ridge campus. Faculty of Science Ma curriculum MBA è flessibile e può essere completato in 1 anno, o può essere esteso un altro semestre per farlo completato in 24 mesi. [14] This is a pre-experience masters, targeted at candidates with less than two years of working experience, and with prior business education. NUS MBA Consiglio degli studenti è presieduto dal Presidente, dal Vice-Presidente e dirigenti di club compagni, che insieme coniare l'ordine del giorno per le attività degli studenti durante l'anno accademico.

For over 50 years, NUS Business School has offered a rigorous, relevant and rewarding business education to outstanding men and women from across the world. Il curriculum sfrutta auto-diretto ed esperienziale imparare a fornire agli studenti una comprensione fondamentale del settore, mentre infondendo le qualità per gli studenti di essere inventivo e intraprendente a esplorare soluzioni efficaci.

3.2.4 Assessment Modes

NUS Business School is consistently rated as one of the top business schools in the Asia Pacific region and one of the leading business schools worldwide. This page was last edited on 18 July 2020, at 07:27. 1987: La Scuola di contabilità viene spostato all'Istituto Nanyang Technological.

1961: The area of Business Administration as a proper academic field is first taught in the Department of Economics at the University of Singapore. 3.1 Degrees Offered PhD-Master of Business Administration (with NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering) [1] In the Financial Times 2020 Global MBA Rankings, NUS Business School was ranked 15th globally. 2 Key Contact Information [21], NUS Business School offers double degree programs with top universities across Asia, Europe and North America. Le lezioni per gli studenti MBA part-time si svolgono durante le ore serali e / o nei fine settimana nei giorni feriali. Head of Department: Professor David Reeb [5]. AY2016/17 The part-time intensive program aims to prepare its participants for C-level management in organizations around the world. Overseas study trips and exchange programmes at premier global universities further enhance the MBA’s international dimension and enable you to bolster your professional network. Faculty of Engineering © National University of Singapore. Education at NUS The 2019 Forbes ranking of International Two-Year MBA programmes ranks the NUS MBA 6th globally. Full-time studenti MBA per impostazione predefinita completare i loro studi entro 17 mesi. Tali servizi sono: Alunni notevoli della scuola NUS commerciale sono elencati di seguito, Dipartimento di Management & Organizzazione, NUS MBA (Master of Business Administration), NUS Full-Time MBA (Master of Business Administration), NUS Part-Time MBA (Master of Business Administration), Master in Pubblica Amministrazione e Management, NUS BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), CEMS Master in International Management (MIM CEMS), programmi di NUS Business School Executive Education, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All Rights Reserved. Master of Science (Management) with CEMS Master’s in International Management Double Degree

Gli studenti potranno acquisire un diploma di doppio-master nel corso di 1,5 anni. MPAM graduates will be equipped to perform in a wide variety of public service fields in all levels of government, in the international arena, and in the private sector, and will receive a Master of Public Administration and Management (MPAM) degree conferred by the National University of Singapore. [18], With the fast expanding Chinese economy and its rapid integration with the rest of the world, there is a great and increasing need for public administration education among government officials and state-owned enterprise (SOE) executives from China and other emerging economies. [29], The NUS Students’ Business Club, commonly known as the Bizad Club, is a constituent club under NUSSU. The NUS MBA Specialisation in Real Estate, offered in partnership with the Department of Real Estate at NUS. Capo del Dipartimento: Prof. Ching Tung Keung. UCLA – NUS Executive MBA Il part-time programma di NUS MBA permette ai manager di lavoro e professionisti di aggiornare le loro competenze manageriali e perseguire ulteriori opportunità di crescita professionale. [12] This is a pre-experience masters, targeted at candidates with less than two years of working experience. NUS Business School. As NUS MSc in Accounting graduates, you will be part of the more than 39,000 NUS Business School alumni represented in over 50 major cities around the world. Our top-ranked NUS MBA programme delivers a transformative learning experience that infuses Western business tenets with deep Asian insights, preparing you to lead in Asia and beyond. 4.2.2 Degree Requirements In seguito sono le università partner che offrono programmi di doppia laurea in associazione con NUS Business School: Due volte l'anno, la NUS Business School manda oltre 400 studenti BBA e MBA sullo scambio con le sue università e le scuole partner. 3.3.3 Minor in Entrepreneurship Programme Alumni Relations, who liaise with the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO); Academic Affairs, who liaise with MBA academics office on academic matters; Career Development and Corporate Outreach, who liaise with the Career Services Office (CSO).

4.2.1 Degrees Offered It also offers a wide range of customised and open enrolment programmes in its Executive Education courses. Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Master of Business Administration NUS Business School offre programmi di doppia laurea con le università migliori in tutta l'Asia, Europa e Nord America. AY2017/18