This is Keflezighi’s first college commencement speaking engagement. He won the 2014 Boston Marathon just two weeks before turning 39, becoming the oldest winner of one of the world’s premier distance events in more than 80 years.

. Questions about your PRWeb account or interested in learning more about our news services? “I understand where they are coming from and want to share with them the message that when you persevere and do the best you can, good things happen.”. By submitting this form, I confirm that the information provided on this form is accurate and complete. Keflezighi, who also won the silver medal at the 2004 Olympics, will be 41 when he competes this year. Keflezighi keeps getting better with age. I don’t really enjoy writing about such incidents and would really like to let it go and instead, focus on more positive aspects of American society moving forward in the 21st century. “Meb is an inspiration to us all, and we are thrilled to have him as our keynote speaker for this year’s commencement,” said Dr. Michael R. Cunningham, National University President and Chancellor of the National University System. He also oversees the MEB (Maintaining Excellent Balance) Foundation, which is committed to promoting youth health, education and fitness.

Sport: Track and field.

But in the end, their efforts were in vain because they basically learned that despite their actions, since they were not White, they could never be American. At a time when most distance runners are well into retirement, Keflezighi stunned the sporting world earlier this year when he finished with a time of 2:12:20 at the U.S. Olympic Marathon trials in Los Angeles, securing a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. His story and message of determination to excel resonates with students at National University.

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Keflezighi and National University have joined forces over the years to celebrate the accomplishments of the nation’s adult and lifelong learners, with Meb as a featured guest speaker at two National University commencements and the recipient of an honorary doctorate. The online postings about Keflezighi were anonymous. The Cherokee were subsequently evicted from their lands and in the infamous “Trail of Tears” episode of American history, forcibly marched from northwestern Georgia and southeastern Tennessee one thousand miles westward. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, and it’s an honor to speak to students who understand the commitment it takes to go back to school and earn a new degree,” Keflezighi said. He said he is pleased to share his message with National University graduates, many of whom are adult learners juggling work, families and other responsibilities while pursuing dreams of furthering their own education. I also understand that certain degree programs may not be available in all states. But I kept thinking of something my father told me when I was growing up, “God has great plans for you.” “He reminds us every day that we all have the ability to shape our future and achieve our dreams.”. Programs are offered at locations throughout California and across the nation, and are also available online. About National University Meb Keflezighi and J.T. He started running in middle school and went on to graduate from UCLA, where his track record includes four NCAA championships, 23 National Championships and a place on four United States Olympic teams. As I’ve argued, some recent examples of this kind of subtle and explicit anti-minority and anti-immigrant backlash include incidents of police brutality in San Jose, a newborn taken away from its mother because she was fluent in English, Black and Latino children excluded from an almost all-White swimming club, and various other incidents ranging from harassment to murder. (Shmuel Thaler — Santa Cruz Sentinel) Meb Keflezighi, of San Diego, raises his fist as he competes in the 118th Boston Marathon on April 21, 2014 in … Keflezighi, whose story of perseverance resonates with athletes and non-athletes alike, grew up in San Diego after his family escaped war, famine and drought in Eritrea. Having immigrated to the United States at age 12, he is an American citizen and a product of American distance running programs at the youth, college and professional levels. . A sought-after speaker and author, he emphasizes that real victory lies in balancing a healthy, active life that emphasizes education, community and a strong moral fabric.

San Diegan shares his inspiring story of perseverance from refugee to multi-award-winning athlete. Even though non-Whites may display all the “normal” characteristics and behaviors of a “typical” American — being fluent in English, getting a good education and a good job, owning a nice house in the suburbs, paying taxes, voting in elections, attending Christian churches, going to ballgames and having backyard barbecues — unless you are White, your identity as a “real” American will inevitably be challenged in one way or another. With 30,000 students and more than 150,000 alumni, National University is the flagship institution of the National University System. Transcending his own athletic achievements, Keflezighi maintains an unwavering commitment to helping others go the distance in their own lives – physically, professionally, personally and spiritually. Five schools and one college – the College of Letters and Sciences; the School of Business and Management; the School of Education; the School of Engineering and Computing; the School of Health and Human Services; and the School of Professional Studies – offer more than 100 graduate and undergraduate degrees and 23 teacher credentials. It’s just another African marathon winner.”, A comment on The New York Times’s site said: “Keflezighi is really another elite African runner by birth, upbringing, and training. e.g.