The actress was called in when Westmore took a few days off sick. Based on late-night spitfire Chelsea Handler's potty-mouthed party-girl memoirs — but dropping the Vodka from the title because that might be, you know, offensive — this smutty but toothless misfire puzzlingly reduces Handler to a supporting role: that of a mousy, whiny born-again sister to the fictional Chelsea, played by That '70s Show's Laura Prepon with a one-note husky-voiced crassness that grows stale long before the first scene (in a women's jail cell) ends with Glee's Dot Marie Jones leering at Chelsea. — McKenzie Westmore (@mckenziewestmor) May 19, 2020 “Many have asked if I know @ikamalhaasan well here you go. Your dad a make-up artist in Hollywood, your mom was a model (won several modeling titles including Miss California) so you could say that becoming an actor was a natural progression.

I cant go into any details because I don’t want to give the surprise away so you will just have to watch!” The date the episode is set to air has yet to be released, but we’ll update you when it is. Who's there? We just have to ask you a few questions about soaps. In this dawn of women empowerment, we love featuring women who are successfully forging their own path and trailblazing a path for other women to be inspired by and to follow. Chelsea.

Chelsea who? Also, the confidence I see that it builds in women makes everything I do worth it. 764.2k Followers, 2,032 Following, 1,896 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from (@mwestmore) You can check out Westmore Beauty here. My dad used to create his makeups when I was a little girl. What makes you most proud about what you have been able to accomplish? Westmore was a lead on the hit show, with her role as Sheridan sparking the most excitement around the series. Who could or would want to doubt her? What is Westmore Beauty’s primary message you all look to convey to your customers? Which she mentions a lot. We are an all-female team so we are always excited to have a chance to speak to women like yourself. The Daily Flash: Disney Reveals First Trailer For ‘Raya and The Last Dragon!’. It’s a wonderful genre! My family invented things like how we shape our eyebrows as well as translucent powder. Syfy's hit makeup competition series Face Off returns for Season 6 Tuesday (9/8c) by instantly throwing the contestants off their game and into a Project Runway-type battle involving models and a fashion show. Knock knock. It’s been amazing and beautiful to watch these artists around the world have an outlet, to meet big names in the industry each week, and to keep their mental health strong. While he would wait he basically would help my mom in babysitting me and I became like a daughter to him. Chelsea. Angel and devil characters are created in the first elimination challenge of this all-star season. I always wanted to be an actress however I was also determined to carry the family’s name on somehow. The Official Trailer for HBO Max’s ‘The Flight Attendant’ & A Teaser for HBO’s ‘The Vow: Part 2’. We are an all-female team so we are always excited to have a chance to speak to women like yourself. Awesome! In other Sheridan related news, Kam Heskin, who once subbed in as the troubled heiress for several months and is best known for her role on internet soap Coastal Dreams, will also be returning. Primetime and movies can get boring when you’re doing only a couple pages a day but when I was on Passions I would do 25 to 50 pages a day and I love that! As the daughter of award-winning Star Trek: The Next Generation makeup artist Michael Westmore, soap vet McKenzie Westmore makes for the perfect host of Syfy's eye-popping competition, Face Off, which kicks off round 2 tonight at 10/9c. I had a fun childhood growing up as my dad, who is a make-up artist, would work on movies all around the world, and as a family, we would join him often. Westmore will be playing the part of Natalie in an upcoming episode. Knock knock. To fans of Passions, Sheridan is well known for her popular supercouple pairing with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, portrayed by Galen Gering. McKenzie Kate Westmore is best known for playing of Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald on the television soap opera Passions from 1999 to 2008. A group of returning all-stars compete in Season 11, which begins with the artists having to incorporate green screen technology when creating unique alien creatures. For starters can you fill us in on a bit of your background? Absolutely. TV Guide Magazine spoke with host McKenzie Westmore about the show's most unpredictable season yet. She was born as Mckenzie Kate Westmore on the 26th of April 1977 in San Fernando California in the United States. McKenzie is the daughter of Oscar- and Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Michael Westmore, and they’re both part of the legendary Westmore family dynasty. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. My next role came as Robert De Niro‘s daughter in Raging Bull. On her website, she had this to say about it: “It was a really fun part! You mentioned your father being a make-up artist. Required fields are marked *. The darkly comic series follows Dexter, a blood spatter expert for the Miami Police Department, who spends his off hours hunting down and murdering the guilty. Like seriously! Mckenzie Westmore is an actor who is best known for her iconic role of Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgeralds on NBC's Passions - a long-running television soap opera which has gone on to win, and be nominated for, over 15 Daytime Emmy awards.