The Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut. Based on the equally outlandish Agera, the One:1 has gone on an intense weight-saving program to give it that magical power-to-weight ratio. Its name came from a Swedish verb that means to act. In this case, company owner Christian Von Koenigsegg likes to refer to it as the first Megacar, thanks to the one megawatt power output. The Koenigsegg Regera costs seven figures and is one of the quickest and most powerful hybrids on the planet. Regeras also feature a cool technology called Autoskin, which allows the doors, hood, and front trunk (or frunk) to power themselves open and closed remotely using the cars hydraulic system. Regera: $1,900,000 (est) If you’re looking to buy a brand-new Koenigsegg Regera, you are a few years too late, since all 80 are spoken for. The total power output available does depend on what sort of fuel is used, either regular, racing fuel or E85 ethanol, however the claimed 0-60 mph time is well under the 3-second mark with either fuel and even more impressive is a claimed 0-250 mph time of 20-seconds.

Pity. A GPS linked suspension system means that the car can adjust its differential, dampers and stability control parameters on a racetrack and new track info can be uploaded remotely. Optional equipment includes some notable items such as one-piece racing bucket seats, full clear carbon bodyshell, active damper settings, personalized logo on rear hood, anodized black aluminum interior, custom luggage set and interior leather as well as active noise cancellation and a titanium exhaust outlet. It refers to its 1 horsepower to 1 kilogram power ratio, a figure that has yet to be surpassed by its competitors and which gives it some world-class performance figures. The EPA hasn’t tested the Regera’s fuel economy and we haven’t put one through our 200-mile highway fuel economy test, so we don’t know how sparingly or excessively it sips gas. The seats are designed to offer the highest level of support in extreme driving situations and a racing style six-point harness keeps you in place. The total system output is 1500 horsepower. There is no transmission; the Regera utilizes a system called Koenigsegg Direct Drive, which sends all power from the electric motors and gas-powered engine to the rear wheels. The total system output is 1500 horsepower. The entire car is constructed of super strong carbon fiber and Kevlar, which means that, in the event of a crash, the Regera should be able to take the blow and protect its occupants. It is the fastest Koenigsegg ever made and the company will never endeavor to make a faster series-production road car – ever.