The Agera RS used for the record is the same car used by Koenigsegg to record the 0-400-0 km/h record announced in October 2017.

Home › Tarmac Works 1/64 Koenigsegg Agera RS Taipei Gold with Container Taiwan Special Edition - GLOBAL64. The very first Koenigsegg Agera RS models only just started rolling out of the company’s Swedish production facility and already, a stunning white and black example is up for sale in Dubai. NOTE: For the doors to work like the doors in real life use the script from the mod over here. @oichen that wheel is on gtainside, he is also the author of the mod. TT: Day of the Dead Time Trial Competition, SE: FORMULA 1 ROLEX GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH 2020, LTS: Bentley Continental GT3 Championship, HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1 1LE (2020), CHIP GANASSI RACING CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1 1LE (2020), RICHARD CHILDRESS RACING CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1 1LE (2020), RICHARD PETTY MOTORSPORTS CHEVROLET CAMARO ZL1 1LE (2020), New (ES): McLaren Senna (Exclusive Series), New (ES): Porsche 935 (2019) (Exclusive Series), All Series Database (not mobile friendly), Automatic Calculation for Your Outstanding Cars, Automatic Calculation for Cars and Upgrade Costs, RR3 Wiki:Upgrades Section (Classic Version), New Template Car Upgrades Including PR [[R/upgradesPR]],, This upgrade section refers to car upgrade data in. 2017 Mazda CX-5 First Drive: Same Fun, More Crossover, Yellowbird Reborn: RUF’s New 225-MPH 911 CTR Has 700 HP and a Carbon-Fiber Monocoque. A Koenigsegg Agera RS, driven by factory driver Niklas Lilja, achieved five new world records for a production vehicle last month in Pahrump, Nevada: 1. Register in the USERZONE, share real world car performance results, show us your car, Collection of T-Shirts, Posters etc. does it come with a real life based handling? Only 1 set of tires was used to achieve all five records. No prices have been given out so far, but regular Koenigseggs are expensive toys even before you start splashing gold all over them. The 2013 Agera R features the world’s first hollow, one piece, super light carbon fiber wheel, using a proprietary method developed by Koenigsegg named Aircore™ Technology. Production/sales period of cars with this particular tires: flexible-fuel gasoline-E85 (mixture 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline), data for petrol, Standard tire size for 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS:(in case of different tires in front and rear the dimensional data are valid for driving or rear wheels), Check also: 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS specifications listing and the analysis of the market competition, Alternative tire sizes with +3%/-2% total wheel diameter:(WARNING: any wider tires could not fit the fenders and arches, always check it earlier (!) Agera RS enhancements include: advanced lightweight sound insulation, an all-new front splitter optimized for the track, front winglets, side skirts, advanced dynamic underbody flap system and a dynamically active rear spoiler for added down force (now up to 450 kg at 250 km/h). The car is a customer-owned vehicle, a Koenigsegg Agera RS fitted with our 1MW engine upgrade producing 1,360 hp when running on E85 fuel. Real Racing 3 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. There are more gold accents sprinkled about inside, too, as well as plenty of exposed carbon fiber, black anodized aluminum, black faux suede, and gold seat piping. The Agera R built upon the features and functionality of the Agera with new, unique solutions to enhance both performance and visual appearance even further. Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. The Koenigsegg Agera RS is an advanced version if the Agera R and was produced from 2014 on. FASTEST FLYING KILOMETER ON A PUBLIC ROAD, 5. Percentage diameter difference to the original (%): DISCLAIMER: We cannot and do not warrant that any information on this page and an entire site is absolutely current and correct, although every effort is made to ensure that it is kept as current and correct as possible. Call it about $2 million, and you won’t be off by more than a few hundred grand one way or the other. The Aircore™ wheels save close to 20kg in unsprung mass, while providing great integrity and safety.

The high-speed runs were made on a public road, on a closed section of Highway 160 near Pahrump, Nevada, in the United States. I would really appreciate it if you would scale the wheel a little bit on the one you uploaded on gtainside. I am wondering how does this car has flaps to shift? Share 0. Besides being part lion, part eagle—and a name used by Saab on both aircraft and cars—the Gryphon is now a mid-engined supercar festooned with 24-carat gold-leaf body accents. The new record set by the Koenigsegg Agera RS broke the old record held by the Bugatti Veyron by nearly 16 km/h, or 10 mph. Both the 1MW engine and the removable rollcage are options available to every Koenigsegg customer. Remote Control: Koenigsegg Can Adjust Suspension on Its Cars from Anywhere in the World The Agera RS was using the same tires that come as standard equipment for this model, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 fitted to 5-spoke, Aircore carbon fibre rims. 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio [Add-On | Liveries]. The information on this site is provided an "as is", "as available" basis. Aug 13, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Аида. We are, probably like you everyday participants in vehicle traffic, so in our articles, we'll pay close attention to safety and economy at all. We think the sports car looks incredible with its bare carbon-fiber body punctuated by thin slashes of gold leaf, and who can argue against 1360 horsepower? @EvertW Nice mod man! The body is rendered from carbon fiber and left naked and unpainted, except that Koenigsegg slathers gold leaf on the hood struts, bits of the interior, and slices of the engine. with the side projection of Your car / VIN Check, detailed car history by VIN, 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS tire and wheel sizes. your own Pins on Pinterest and in most cases you will need new rims, of course). but hey. With only 25 units, the Agera RS is a rarity on the streets and Koenigsegg states that the RS takes the Agera to a completely new performance level. We are a bunch of devoted geeks who like cars and everything that comes with it. Hi, my friend, i like your car, can I add it to my DLC? Why the wheel is different from the picture?. Detailed rims & rubber wheels. Behind the cabin sits Koenigsegg’s 1360-hp twin-turbocharged V-8, which is charged with motivating just 3075 pounds (1395 kg) of Gryphon’d Agera RS.

So, when I crashed the car, it created a copy of its framework/body.

2. THOR’S HAMMER The Koenigsegg Agera R was produced between 2011 and 2014.

The 0-400-0 run was also conducted on Highway 160.

The car was also fitted with a rollcage, a standard safety precaution that was also used on the 0-400-0 km/h run. It only has 1 gear so it does not make sense hahahah! 06 de Outubro de 2016. I love this car....... Any solution? The RS also features improved side air outlets behind the front wheels, increased power and a raised rpm limit.

Some product and company names mentioned on this site may be trademarks of their respective owners. HIGHEST SPEED ACHIEVED ON A PUBLIC ROAD. joe gibbs racing toyota camry (2020) stewart-haas racing ford mustang (2020) team penske ford mustang (2020) hendrick motorsports chevrolet camaro zl1 1le (2020) The Agera RS completed runs in both directions along the highway. Highest Top Speed for a Production Vehicle – 447.19 km/h (277.87 mph). the door abit buggy wondering if that's fixed, Doors are weird, they slide outward but overall great mod. With a top speed of 443 km/h, the Agera RS is almost 10 km/h faster that the 2013 Agera S. The Agera RS was using the same tires that come as standard equipment for this model, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 fitted to 5-spoke, Aircore carbon fibre rims. We present here also the analysis of alternative tire sizes with the standard wheel total diameter. Fans of obscure Swedish supercars, take note: Koenigsegg has a new version of its Agera RS that’s sure to blåsa din hjärna.

Selecione uma das seguintes categorias para começar a procurar os mods mais recentes do GTA 5 para PC: 47.792 downloads , 20 MB The new Koenigsegg Regera is specifically designed to be a luxury Megacar alternative to Koenigsegg’s traditional extreme, light weight, race-like road cars.The Koenigsegg Regera combines a powerful twin-turbo V8 combustion engine with three electric motors and cutting edge battery power via new powertrain technology called Koenigsegg Direct

Check our Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer. ---! Resealable blister packaging. Koenigsegg catalogue   ---->>   2010-2017 Koenigsegg Agera catalogue   ---->>   2017 Koenigsegg Agera versions   ---->>, 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS Specifications Review, 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS Accelerations, Performance Review, 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS Horsepower/ Torque Curve, The same class cars with similar performance: 2017 Koenigsegg Agera RS Market Competition Review, Koenigsegg Agera RSas offered for 2017 up to mid-year 2017 in Europe worldwide. A new world record! Koenigsegg Agera RS Models See all Trims and Specs The Agera RS is a development of the standard Agera which was first introduced in 2010, many years of development have made the RS into a …

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Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. 18 examples of the Agera R were produced during that time. What tire size for Koenigsegg Agera RS in 2017, the model offered up to mid-year 2017 for Europe worldwide ? Using pounds for the weight figure instead, the Gryphon carries a still impressively thin 2.3 pounds per horsepower. so like no gerars straight to 400+?

HIGHEST TOP SPEED FOR A PRODUCTION VEHICLE, 3. Wish I could send a pic here. For those not passionate enough about Swedish cars to learn another language, that means “blow your mind,” and Agera means “to act” or “star,” as in a performance. The previous acknowledged record high speed for a production vehicle was held by the Bugatti Veyron, which recorded a high speed of 431.07 km/h (267.86 mph). Hot Wheels Koenigsegg Agera R Boulevard Series Real Riders Need for Speed #10