Marking 200 years since the Peterloo massacre, the Manchester-based BBC Philharmonic opens this Prom with Malcolm Arnold’s Peterloo Overture – available on BBC Sounds in a binaural mix best listened to on headphones. He was acquitted, amid much controversy. Though some episodes work better than others, Goldman is dignified and insightful throughout, holding your sympathy and attention from start to finish. Before the trial, Simpson absconded with a friend in a white Ford Bronco and there was a farcical car chase at very slow speed as the cops chased him down, until he eventually gave himself up. Prom 4: The PlanetsGustav Holst’s immense and ever popular The Planets – again, familiar to many film fans – is performed by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra with the Trinity Boys Choir. Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October. One of Ron’s closest friends still blames herself for not going out with him that night, as she’d promised. Kim Goldman. Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA, 16 January 2020 Why were certain witnesses for the prosecution so badly prepared or, at worst, hostile? Why, she wonders, wasn’t certain evidence presented to the jury? I wonder, sometimes, if this is why I love them. Aided by producer/former TV and radio host Nancy Glass, she revisits the case, interviewing several witnesses and jurors, some of the legal team on the prosecutors’ side and others involved in the case. There’s yet more waffling about the moon landings in the interval, which you might want to skip (the BBC has gone overboard for the 50th anniversary).
There are revelations as to whether the prosecutors were actually ready for the trial, which took place very quickly. December 26, Still, can’t the writers give them a break? All rights reserved. | This car chase, and the subsequent trial, became some of the most-viewed TV ever in the US. Uinterview The Grundys are by far my favourite family in Ambridge – I could listen to them all day, from Clarrie to little Keira – but it’s noticeable that they’re the ones that are given the bad times, over and over. This is not your usual true crime podcast and is all the better for it.
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8,040 Followers, 389 Following, 850 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kim Goldman (@kimegoldman) 1971 There are interviews with jury members, with journalists, a discussion of the civil case that the Goldmans successfully brought against Simpson, as well as what domestic violence means and what it’s like to live your life having lost a member of your family in such a way. Confronting: OJ Simpson has been my podcast of choice, and I’ve found myself racing through episodes (there are 10) with interest, if not exactly delight. Available for everyone, funded by readers. Kim Goldman is the sister of Ron Goldman, a waiter who was killed alongside Nicole Brown Simpson in Nicole’s home on 12 June 1994. Kim provides a unique and, at times, upsetting insight into what it’s like to be at the centre of such a bizarre, OTT murder case and trial. ‘OJ25’ True Crime Series Bows On Court TV – Documents The Murder Trial Of The Century, 13 June 2019 Holidays always mean a lot of driving: a good opportunity for a lengthy binge listen. In this Prom, broadcast on Radio 3 last Wednesday (and BBC Four on Friday), the award-winning London Contemporary Orchestra, which has collaborated with Goldfrapp and Radiohead in the past, plays extracts from Alien: Covenant, Interstellar (Hans Zimmer alert), Gravity, Tron, Arrival and Under the Skin, whose composer was Mica Levi, aka Micachu. Ron Goldman’s Sister, Kim Goldman, Speaks Out On Anniversary Of Brother’s Death, 26 July 2017 Kim Goldman said the jurors claimed no evidence would have likely made a difference in the outcome. (MORE: The OJ Simpson case: Where the key players are 25 years later) Kim Goldman also recalls in the podcast her … As the podcast recalls, “there were Jell-o moulds of Judge Ito for sale outside the courtroom”. The podcast expands its remit to include a recent phone call between OJ Simpson’s very aggressive lawyer and Glass (OJ Simpson has joined Twitter since the podcast started, presumably to put his own version of events forward). Speaker, Author, Advocate, Mom ... find me on Instagram and Twitter @kimegoldman and @ConfrontingPod or "In some ways they were out-gunned," Fred Goldman told ABC News of the prosecutors. Ron Goldman's Sister Kim Says Her Ex-Husband Makes Threats Related to the Murders. At times it strays into good ol’ American mawkishness, but it does highlight the “what if” feeling that can afflict those close to sudden death victims. TMZ © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. | Prom 27: The Sound of Space – Sci-Fi Film MusicFilm music is the gateway drug for the classical music fan: your emotions are mixed up with your memories of the movie, as well as the fabulous tunes.