Red Hood get's Batman's attention after the Dark Knight fights an Amazo but gets away. As he comments on Batman's trophy gallery, Alfred arrives to take a photo.

Jason has trained his body to peak physical condition, being physically superior to most Olympic athletes but he may be enhanced to perfect and evolutionary human condition due to the healing of the Lazarus Pit. He disobeys Batman's orders once again and goes to confront his mother. Bruce's butler Alfred Pennyworth and vigilante partner Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) however believed it was premature, also noticing that Jason seemed very violent.

Jason helps Starfire and Blackfire fight the Blight off on Tamaran. Finally Jason finds his mother, Sheila Haywood, and all seems well. Though he's not the person Bruce wanted him to be, he believes that he'll come to understand that he is who Batman needs. Jason asks Alfred to leave the cave and not tell Bruce he was here. He was now a punk rather than a circus performer. Eventually, Starfire comes out from her hotel room and the alien is introduced as Orn, one of Starfire's old friends from Tamaran. He soon left when he heard the henchmen opening the door.

During the fight, Dick demanded to know where Tim was and Jason taunted him with the idea that Tim was now dead.

Dick did not relent, and the fight moved onto a speeding train. As a former Robin, Jason Todd possesses all the skills of someone trained by Batman but lacked the immense experience of Dick and Tim. Batman criticized him for nearly killing him, though Jason stated that they'll be better off without such people and it will send a message to their rogues gallery. Jason commended him for seeing through his act and was soon attacked by Alfred, but dodged the bolas he fired at him before knocking him out with a Batarang. However a voice calls out that they won't get what they're looking for. In Arkham City, DLC 'The Joker's Carnival', Joker will boast about killing Jason Todd in the beginning sequence if Tim Drake is chosen as the playable character. After his resurrection, Jason furthered his knowledge in combat by using Talia Al Ghul's fortune to travel the world similar to what his former mentor did, but sought out much deadlier training. With some convincing from Jason, she prepares to engage Akila with him. As Jason aims the gun, Bizarro tells him that even though he isn't perfect, Jason showed him the path to being better, and promises to try to be the best version of himself. Naturally, he was suspected of being Duela's murderer and tried to lie low until eventually approaching Donna Troy.

After one of his victims committed suicide, Jason headed straight for Felipe ahead of Batman. She continues her story about her friend Akila, who would become the Shim'Tar, how she was driven mad by the power of the Bow, and how she met Wonder Woman when she arrived to stop.

Jason ends up meeting Batgirl and throws Mr. Jason dodges and draws his pistol while the figure commands him to disarm. Bizarro catches him, but in a fit of rage that his friend was hurt, Bizarro freezes Croc's head solid knock his head clean off before Jason can tell him not to. The group ventures through the chamber and they get attacked by a giant monster.

Jason was left alone on the streets barely surviving, still stealing parts of cars for cash. Hienle draws a gun and demands Jason stop. Jason leaves them once again to gear up where he shoots down Suzie Su and her partner who try to sneak attack him. The third version of the costume is similar to the first with the exceptions of a red bat emblem on the chest, a brown biker jacket and a more form fitting mask with Jason's mouth visible and a distinct absence of a domino mask underneath instead he has a mask like his old Robin mask under the hood. He called a meet with the top street dealers in Gotham and informed them that he would be running the drug trade from now on by showing them the severed heads of their top lieutenants he had killed. She then agrees to try not to kill him, but not very hard.

He found a gift left to him by Talia that included a specially crafted kris blade and a red helmet that would be the defining element of his new identity. Jason spent the whole night on a date talking with Isabel, the stewardess from the plane. They eventually reached the Middle East and asked the Egyptian Gods for sanctuary. Bruce was impressed by him fighting everyone there, but stopped him from shooting at them. Jason Todd appeared very briefly on Beast Boy's board of Red X suspects. He cuts himself to get blood on the Blades of All to feed them. The bartend hands Jason a drink and warns him about the history and danger of the name Red Hood, and advises to be cautious, lest his namesake come for him. In return, Jason wanted to face off against Batman directly as part of Hush's plan. He set about on a quest to further the training Batman had given him and learn what Batman would not teach him. Much like the Red Hood mask, Jason wears a domino mask under the cowl as well. He is also an expert in demolition, trained by a world-known and infamous bombs-expert in Russia, Jason can defuse bombs from advanced military types to improvised ones. The next night, Jason Todd was meeting with Thomas Elliot, whom was operating under the guise of Hush. He was one of the characters left relatively unchanged by the revamp, getting a new costume reminiscent of his original Red Hood costume as well as a redesigned Robin costume for his time as Batman's partner. Jason Todd was a boy with light red hair, but very much like Dick Grayson in personality. Jason Todd as the Red Hood was made in the series with his hand on the mailbox jumping with a aussult rifle in his hand to attack. While he muses over his current situation, his younger self appears next to him and tells him that he would have been better off staying dead. His time away in the multiverse had lost him ground in Gotham that he had to make up again. After this tragedy, he was taken in by Bruce Wayne much like Dick had been previously. As they were unable to locate him, Jason was missing and presumed dead. No? But the character would always, rather quickly, return to the Red Hood identity. Jason and the Outlaws are looking over a frozen covered part of Gotham going over the mission. Ra's al Ghul was intrigued but unconvinced of his daughter's opinion that Jason was worth anything to them, due to the severe brain damage he had suffered. Jason tries to give Bizarro some hope of survival, but Artemis argues against lying. However, there was later no sign of Flamingo's body in the rubble. So instead, Jason became the new Robin. He underwent intensive training in firearms from an expert sniper. Dick tells Waldo and Jason to head to Wayne manor. He slowed his breathing and pulse rate to make himself appear dead, so Jason dragged his body to elsewhere in the subway tunnels. Satisfied, Jason leaves Artemis to fight while he goes to implement his plan. However, he already knows what happened; the two were forced to kill Akila and Artemis holds herself responsible for everything that happened. The Outlaws begin an assault on Superman but fail miserably as the Kryptonian is just too powerful.

She tosses Jason up to to the train car before leaping up there herself.

Raven was in the tower but Jason decided to allow her to sleep because she was one of the few people that had actually cared for him during his time with the Titans. Through their travels, Jason encountered several versions of the Batman he knew, including everything from a vampire Batman to one who was a Russian terrorist. Jason refused and stated he could be extremely careless while trying to hold on to those he loved, pointing out he ignored that the abandoned hideout was stocked with filled-up whiskey bottles which smelt of gasoline.

Jason was born on August 16, 1990, as the son of two troubled drug addicts. [3], Joker took Jason to his hideout and stated that leaving him alive would ensure Jason would kill off Gotham's criminals sooner or later. At first, Dick hesitates a bit, but he realizes that he cannot let his brother alone and says yes.