For 100ml water, 3-5g tea is needed. If you want to try her recommended method and do not have a kitchen scale, I suggest doing two to three generous “pinches” in a tall tempered glass tumbler. Save 10% or more on tasting kits and tea sets! Warm the glass with boiling water(optional). To make tea like Mrs. Li does at her home in Dragonwell, you will need a few things: First, add your tea leaves to your glass. Tea and Health – What affects caffeine in tea? : If leaves don’t sink, it’s probably due to low water temperature. Tags: Dragonwell, fair trade, green tea, how to, how to brew, longjing, mrs. li, organic, organic tea, tea and the seasons, tea basics, Awesome, my Drangonwell shipment arrived yesterday. Required fields are marked *, As we continue to bring you top-notch tea, we have noticed delays with our carrier due to the current situation. As a tea drinker, all we can do to improve the taste of the tea is find the best way to brew it.

To be able to really taste tea, the first step is actually to focus your attention on the tea. Gaiwan: 0:21 It doesn't matter. Brew Green Tea: How to Brew Longjing Tea. If you don’t have it, tap water is also fine. Remember, you can learn to eyeball these and tune them to your own preferences by using the techniques we covered in the video.

3. In the Grade B Longjing tea, the leaves will brew up to a bright green liquor with a mellow fresh taste that has no sharpness to it. Drop tea leaves to let them cover the surface of water. Box 582596 • Minneapolis, MN 55458 • (612) 999-1383 Vessel: A small cup, glass, or a mug.

Warm the glass with boiling water(optional). The perfect textbook ratio of brewing Chinese green tea is 1:50. Personally, I will often brew Laoshan Green this way (though it doesn’t mind being exposed to air in the same way Dragonwell does). Your email address will not be published. Gaiwan: 30:1 Boil water: Spring water is the best. This kind of steeping is what I know as the “grandpa method.” Makes delicious tea and lasts for hours. To jump straight to the method/vessel you use, here’s an index Covering your cup risks over-steeping your tea. Water temperature: Use 75-80˚C boiled water. Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell teas are pressed flat, which means they are somewhere between “fluffy”and “compact.” Five grams of her tea take up a little more than a tablespoon (depending on the shape of your spoon).

Pouring the water on the side of the glass will cool the water just a little bit before it hits the leaves.

I believe these types of “mistakes” are important for learning and will definitely help you with your next brew. Feel free to eat any leaves that sneak into your sip! - Mrs. Li, 10/10/2020 : True Aroma: Tasting Yunnan Jasmine Teas, 09/26/2020 : Nixi Pottery and Dangzhen Pichu, 09/26/2020 : Tasting Journal: 2020 Wild Bai Mudan, 09/23/2020 : Tasting Journal: 2020 1st Picking Shi Feng Dragonwell, our article on the fundamentals of brewing, filtered water, boiled and cooled to about 85-90° C / 185-195° F. A good rule for…, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. 11 – Gongfu Tea Tools – Sunday Tea Book – Sip-a-long – Aged Shou Mei (2014), China Tea ep. 12 – Tea Pets & Dry Brew – Sunday Tea Book – Sip-a-long – Top Grade Lapsang Souchong, China Tea ep. Top-putting brewing method is usually used to brew famous chinese teas such as Bi Luo Chun while for Longjing Tea and Huangshan Mao Feng, middle-putting method is generally recommended, The reason for such difference lies in their form. Next, pour a small amount of water into the glass – until its about 1/3 full – taking care to pour along the side of the glass first. Now, the leaves have a small protective layer of water covering them. Tea Processing Steps: are the charts helpful or misleading? Prefer a stronger, more robust cup of tea? I’ll have to try this tomorrow. Start again with new leaves after about four hours. So glad to hear that you’re having fun brewing like a Longjing local! Your email address will not be published. As a tea drinker, all we can do to improve the taste of the tea is find the best way to brew it. New Customer? There are three frequently used methods for brewing premium loose leaf tea in China. We used boiling water in our video because it’s good quality Long Jing. I agree – it’s often a lovely way to enjoy teas for hours, and works especially well for flat-pressed green teas like Dragonwell. While it may not be the best method for evaluating a back-to-back tasting or a great number of teas and exploring complex aftertaste and aroma as it unfolds throughout multiple steepings, it can be a great relaxed way to brew, especially while working or traveling. Lifetime tea farmer, Mrs. Li, explains how to brew her Shi Feng Dragonwell green teas., China Tea ep. An intuitive way to look at it is to lightly cover the bottom of the brewing vessel. This is especially true…, Xihu Long Jing Among tea, Xihu Long Jing is probably the first to come to mind for many people.

Tags: Dragonwell, fair trade, green tea, how to, how to brew, longjing, mrs. li, organic, organic tea, tea and the seasons, tea basics. Does this work well for other tea types like oolong or black teas?

Preparation: Get some Longjing tea, a glass cup, and a bottle of mineral spring water ready, and then put three grams (one teaspoon) of tea into the cup. February 4, 2016 at 6:55 pm. Dismiss, Huangshan Mao Feng Most of the famous mountains in the south of China produce famous teas. Tumbler: 100:1 Simply blow the leaves away before you sip, or filter them out with your teeth. 9 – Tea Table/Tray and Tea Cup – Sunday Tea Book – Sip-a-long – Qian Liang Cha 2012. I’m so happy to know your tea arrived safely. Thank you for your support and patience. Good question! One is a taster from the east, the other is a new tea nerd from the west. Awesome, my Drangonwell shipment arrived yesterday. As I always say boiling water is the simplest, easiest, quickest and most effective way to test the quality of a tea. According to the volume of the vessel you will use, prepare tea leaves at a proportion of some 1:50. Long Jing, also known as Dragon Well, is one of the most famous Chinese teas in the world. We look forward to sharing our love for tea and life, and the fruits of our different perspectives on culture and tea. methods for brewing premium loose leaf tea, How to brew Bi Luo Chun- Introduction of Top-putting Brewing Method, How to brew Longjing Tea- Introduction of Middle-putting Brewing Method. I’ll have to try this tomorrow. Decide the amount according to your own taste preference. Guizhou Zheng Qing Cha - Steamed Green Tea, Bai Mu Dan - Yue Guang Bai - Moonlight White Tea. Glass is ideal so that you can enjoy the view of the leaves while they brew. Comment