Click and hold anywhere over your image and drag the eraser tool to start erasing.

Is there a way to convert the stroke so the thickness of the stroke will be kept at the other points? So a lot of people probably look at this post that can't edit, delete, or move objects in AutoCAD in general, and are looking how to fix that. You can also limit what you want to erase by selecting the objects that you want to erase by selection tools. Show a sample file and explain what you are doing. From Help, "To erase any object on the artboard, leave all objects unselected". Then 2nd layer has a picutre that I have used the ellipse tool on. To erase a text layer you first need to convert it into outlines and then the erase tool can be applied.

Illustrator :: Why Does Eraser Tool Leave Stroke Behind Jun 14, 2012. How can I get the erasure tool to leave a white or color backround? If … All rights reserved. Is Photoshop set up incorrectly?

Maybe you want to cut something away from the polygon, then just select the path segments and delete them. I set 16pt + Variable width profile + Basic and stroke a path. Is there a way or an option I am missing to convert my regular paths to a path stroked with a brush profile,while maintining the proper stroke width? If you erase an object and split it into multiple sections, it will separate the objects so they can be moved and edited independently.

No. how and where to click to get the box that showthe Background Eraser Option and the Make LayerI am using photoshop 7. Now i want to make the stroke a bit thinner at some points of the path.

Photoshop CS6 on Windows 7. First I thought it was just an illusion in the program but it stays even after I've exported the image (both by "save as" in illustrator and "export" in inDesign).

If it is, you must click on the Break Link to Symbol button in the Symbols panel, thereby expanding the Symbol's appearance, in order to edit it using the Eraser tool.

What kind of object are they?

Deleting Preferences didn't work. I then expanded the stroked, unfilled path and the eraser tool cut a nice swath across the path without the later addition of the cap.

/t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/td-p/3746207, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746208#M10224, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746209#M10225, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746210#M10226, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746211#M10227, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746212#M10228, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746214#M10230, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746215#M10231, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746213#M10229, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746217#M10233, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746218#M10234, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746219#M10235, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746220#M10236, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746216#M10232, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746221#M10237, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/3746222#M10238, /t5/illustrator/eraser-tool-doesn-t-erase/m-p/10642706#M146448. I tested it with a basic polygon and tried to erase through it and no it just created points.

Is there a setting or certain way to ensure that the stroke width tool won't corrupt the smoothness of my shapes?

When I start a new path, the settings revert to 1pt + Uniform + Basic, and I have to reset back to my original.

It keeps making a black mark. And i would like to remove the blue sky, and show just the clouds. I want my money back. Welcome to Autodesk’s AutoCAD P&ID Forums. How to Cut out an Image & Make the Background Transparent Using GIMP, How to Create an EPS File With a Transparent Background.

All of Illustrator’s tools work on the active selection, so before you can erase anything, you have to choose the parts of the image to erase. I wish this was at the top of the page so not to have to weed through the other stuff that did not work. I think i did something, changed a setting or something.
sorry for the late response, ive inserted the drawing but only the structures, the pipes were not inserted. After you have clicked on the item, then click on the eraser tool and swipe away.

I've also attempted to start a new file from scratch but with the same result  What could the reason be? Click and drag on the artboard to start erasing areas of your image. Thank you so much. I am creating a simple spider for a project. If my post is a solution to your issue, click "Accept as Solution" below... Did you read message #12 before posting and confirmed it did not help before posting? Illustrator :: Knife Tool Leave Gaps In The Shape (CS6), Illustrator :: CS6 - Eraser Tool Leaves A Black Line.

Hemera Technologies/ Images. As a rule of thumb, I always isolate vanilla dwg content from 'smart' (P&ID) content for the sake of clarity.

Objects are not xrefed in but actually in the drawing. This page has been translated for your convenience with an automatic translation service. Type "LA", then the enter key to see all of the layers in your drawing and check the padlock icon to see which layers might be locked.

Double click inside one of the view and it'll enable you to select elements.

How did you create those paths?

Try this: That will fix this issue for most people. How I want it, but then the NEXT time i draw up another path or whatever, and hit the colour option it goes to 1pt again!!! Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Autodesk does not warrant, either expressly or implied, the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information translated by the machine translation service and will not be liable for damages or losses caused by the trust placed in the translation service. Is their any way to fix this issue or change the settings of the eraser? My question is how can I use the eraser tool on everything outside of the ellipse tool? Press and hold “Alt” while dragging to create a rectangular shape that cuts in a straight line. Is there a workaround for this? This allows you to manage your content more easily and avoid potential block and layer definition issues. I am trying to select some line segments and either move or delete them but it will not let me. It can be used for AutoCAD and CADWorx drawing as well. From Help, "To erase any object on the artboard, leave all objects unselected". How can I get the settings to stay through multiple uses of the pen tool? In my practice session using the Eraser tool I can't make it work. In Illustrator CS6 and CC, when the stroke width tool is used on a curve, the curve is actually made up of a series of straight lines instead of smooth vector curves:whereas in CS5 it looks perfect.These images may be too small to see the details, but the difference is there. If I use the eraser tool to remove parts of a straight horizontal line, the resulting lines are not 180°. The eraser is a free-drawing tool that gives you manual control over what to erase and remove.

Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. Im tring to erase an image background pixel by pixel. An external reference cannot be edited without being opened/edited/saved/refreshed.

Release the mouse button to apply the change to the area, cutting the vectors where you’ve drawn.

Here is a screenshot of what happens when I try to erase anything.

I then try to erase the background image through the new layer and it doesn't work. but will not delete fill colors. 1. First, load an Illustrator project and select the Eraser tool in the main Tools panel (or press Shift+E). Then I used the pen tool to draw an upside-down "v" intersecting with the circle.

See if the problem persists. You can see this effect reduced if you decrease the stroke size of a given line.

I have a problem with the eraser tool too, it is creating paths instead of erasing. Where Photoshop, the other major component of Adobe’s Creative Suite, works with images on layers, Illustrator uses vectors -- lines and curves -- to create images.

Line 2 is the result of dragging the Eraser tool, 200 dia., across, from right to left.

here it is again. Découvrez comment nous utilisons vos informations dans notre Politique relative à la vie privée et notre Politique relative aux cookies. That you don't have any grouped objects [classicgroup command].

Line 3 is the result of selection of the lower half. Double-click on the tool properties along the top bar of Illustrator to adjust the width and angle of the eraser tool. It worked for a bit then all the sudden started filling in an area I didn't even draw with color. When I use the knife tool on an shapeit leaves a gap where I slice.

I tried expanded the appearance of the object I am trying to erase and my stroke is set to none and I have checked the settings and there is nothing there in terms of stroke. Initally I used the pen tool to make legs. This will also decrease the thickness of the rounded end as well and the gaps where you erased will increase. GM, using Win 7 and AI cs5.

I've selected my image from the BG, and it looks ok, but there are some parts that have been taken out, "along the edges" that I'll like to have as part of my image? how can i use the eraser tool?

Someone has turned off the viewports thats why you can't see the Modelspace viewport,, click that authoring pallete setting and uncheck the "allow Docking"..........Finish, check the object in which layer and close the layer it will be deleted. Or is there a better way to remove? Your stroke is set to have rounded ends. How to edit and reshape paths in Illustrator, How to adjust path segments in Illustrator, For more complex operations try live paint, How to create and work with Live Paint groups in Illustrator.
Click on the selection tool in the top-left of the tool panel, and then select the vectors you want to … Share your knowledge, ask questions, and explore popular AutoCAD P&ID topics. Can't find what you're looking for? The Eraser Tool works, but only on paths that are filled, even if only partially. Click and hold on the eraser to select either the scissors or knife tool, which cut or slice out whole areas of an image. Photoshop :: CS3 -- I Can't Find The Eraser Tool, Photoshop :: Where Can Find Background Eraser Tool / CS6, Photoshop :: Using Background Eraser Tool On A Layer. Repeat this until the image and your objects match what you want to see.

Use Illustrator's erase and cut tools to remove parts of vectors in order to reshape your images. Copyright © 2020 Adobe. Illustrator :: Jagged Curves Created With Variable Stroke Width Tool? Double-click to apply the transformation. Also, all layers are unlockedidk if the history of this drawing matters but it was orginally created on a P&ID version of AutoCAD and exported so it could be opened and edited by others with an AutoCAD classic version. As it passed over, that portion of the text completely disappeared. The top of the round eraser passed over the lower 2/3 of the word.

For example, if I draw an 'S' shape, it measures from the farthest corners and just erases the entire area in a neat rectangulare shape []. Most of the lines in the drawing can be selected, moved, deleted, but some cannot.

Here you can also see which layers are contained within an x-ref and which ones are local.