Ryan Love of Digital Spy had an advance preview of the recording of the show, and complimented the choreography by Gaga and her dancer, during the saxophone interlude. [106] Before the performance Jonas announced: "Do you guys mind if I play a couple of songs I like from pop radio right now? [61][62] In Ireland, "The Edge of Glory" debuted at number 10 on the Irish Singles Chart, on May 13, 2011, and reached a peak of four. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; After he died, Gaga told White Shadow that she wrote a song about her grandfather's death and its impact on her. Someone else had a text message supposedly from Gaga where she said she “freestyled” the whole video. Clarence Clemons is playin’ the horn! Clemons flew from Florida to New York, and reached the recording studio in Manhattan at midnight.

He also called the song a "four-on-the-floor anthem with loads of references to '80s pop music" and concluded "Thankfully, 'Edge of Glory' proves Gaga hasn't let her global celebrity get the best of her art, and she's still capable to cranking out straightforward, dance-ready jams like 'Just Dance' or 'Poker Face'. So if you know them, sing along. [33] Priya Elan of NME wrote that the song felt like a "pop moment" without Gaga trying too hard to address social issues or religious conflicts; Elan also complimented Clemons' saxophone addition. They’re easy for me to block out and just enjoy the beats.

The only thing missing is a shower of water to splash upon Gaga’s artfully-backlit body. [75] Vena also compared the visuals with those for Madonna's 1986 single "Papa Don't Preach" and Michael Jackson's 1984 single, "Billie Jean". [104] After disappearing from the stage, she returns in a "transparent dress, with a cut-out bodysuit underneath" and starts the performance of "The Edge of Glory". text-align: center; If she had saved some of her money the vid might have looked better. The song rose to number 37 on the Radio Songs chart, with airplay increasing to 30 million audience impressions. [10][11] On her Twitter account Gaga revealed the cover for the single. Meh.

Aside from Gaga herself, Clemons is the only other person to appear in the video.[74].
[76] Blauvelt was initially surprised to see the simplistic approach of the video, since her previous releases had provocative visuals. creative director Laurieann Gibson over negative comments Laurieann made about the video. [3][13], "The Edge of Glory" features synthesizers executed in a style influenced by smooth jazz, as well as the inclusion of a saxophone solo. [92] While on tour in Japan, Gaga performed "The Edge of Glory" and "Born This Way" at the 2011 MTV Video Music Aid Japan. float: left; Screen caps & cover art. [93] "The Edge of Glory" was performed regularly as the penultimate song of Gaga's Born This Way Ball (2012–2013) tour where she played the beginning of the song on piano atop a watch tower. I know there’s a lot of hate for her, but she has some GREAT songs (You and I, Poker Face, Speechless) and that girl can sing! The performance included a segment where Gaga was portrayed as getting beheaded in a guillotine. @ DetRiotgirl- Thanks for the extra gossip!

Nope, but she looks great in it and it’s a good song. [39] At the end of 2011, Slant Magazine listed "The Edge of Glory" as the eighth best song of the year, with Ed Gonzalez from the website commenting that the song is "a study in radical contrast that, once you sift aside its deliberately dated effects and the legacy of the late Clarence Clemons, is deep down an incredibly delicate ballad. [50] In the end, the song reached a peak of number four on Radio Songs, number three on Pop Songs, number one on Hot Dance Club Songs, number seven on Adult Contemporary and number two on Adult Pop Songs. I swear people are so f*cking dead inside. A long take follows, of Gaga strutting through the red-lit district singing the line "I got a reason that you should take me home tonight", and a shock of black hair falls in her eyes. There was this moment where I felt like he had sort of looked at her and reckoned that he had won in life. I think the most interesting part of this new video is not the video itself, but the drama behind the scenes. While she did not reveal much about the music video concept, she added: "I just know that we'll be feeling very fishy. While previewing the song Matthew Perpetua from Rolling Stone wrote a positive review: "This one sounds crazy in print [...], but somehow it all seems totally natural when you actually hear it." It’s a pity that they didn’t postpone the video.

The recording concluded by 3 a.m. after a few takes. He did, however, criticize Gaga's "half-convincing" lip-synching. Her bitchiness and pride overshadow her talent, which is overrated at that. He deemed the whole issue surrounding the production as "foolish", in the end agreeing that "it was foolish of us to expect that GaGa would never stumble because, despite the preternatural image constantly presented, she is only human after all. A lonely drag queen all dressed up and no where to go, apparently.

She seems afraid to leave her front stoop and do anything with herself except pose on her fire escape, strut a few steps in front of the house next door, then turn around and come home again – how daring! She made sure that the video looks like it came out of 1985 too. The dress consists of a S&M-inspired outfit, with heavy gold jewelry, studs on the leather, and vibrant nail polish and lipstick. [53] After four weeks, the song re-entered the top ten of the Canadian Hot 100, and reached the top ten of the Contemporary hit radio chart. As for the video, it’s boring. [15] The song is less electronic and more straightforward pop, and the lyrics deal more with romance than individual inspiration. Half the time, I can ALMOST ignore her desperate streetwalker outfits, if she could just ditch the gross eye makeup, disgusting wigs, & most of all; the ABSOLUTELY repulsive nails, which firmly nail the lid shut on the coffin, for me (the last part applies to Rihanna too). [74] The video consists mostly of interchanging shots of Gaga dancing and singing on the street, on the fire escape, and on the steps in front of the apartment building with Clemons. [26] Gaga wanted him to play saxophone on multiple tracks, one of them being "The Edge of Glory". Its digital sales increased by 89.1%, helped by the performance of the song on Paul O'Grady Live, which was telecast on three occasions, and helped in the radio airplay of the song, where it moved up the chart to reach a peak of eleven.

[63][64] In France, the song debuted at number seven on the French Singles Chart. Beyond that, though, “The Edge of Glory” is also really a one-woman ‘80s revue. It’s so extreme it amuses me. Our love made us a winner.' "[71] Rolling Stone's Daniel Kreps gave a mixed review of the video, calling the song "over-the-top" with a "lackluster" and "understated" video. If anyone else hears anymore behind the scenes details, I wanna hear! The song is less electronic and more straightforward pop, and the lyrics deal more with romance than individual inspiration. – anyone who actually LIVES in an apartment with a fire escape in NYC (i grew up with one) will tell you they are fuggin’ crumbling, falling apart death traps & you have a better chance jumping out the window than climbing down one of those. A music video for the song was filmed in late May, co-directed by the singer and her production team, Haus of Gaga.

[17], A pop,[18][19] electro-rock,[20] and disco song,[21] "The Edge of Glory" opens with Gaga's vocals over a keyboard, singing the line: "There ain't no reason you and me should be alone tonight, yeah baby, tonight, yeah baby. There’s not even a song as good as paparazzi on this album let alone poker face or bad romance. margin-top: 10px; When the first verse of the song begins, Gaga emerges from the window of an apartment onto the fire escape. [34] Similar sentiments were expressed by fellow NME writer Dan Martin, who found the track to be gleaming, calling it the "most ecstatic pop serenade" Gaga has ever come up with. i knew there was a reason this track made me think of The Boss Bruce Springsteen!
You know what bothers me? [66] "The Edge of Glory" sold 44,176 digital downloads in South Korea, to debut at number two on the Gaon International Online Chart on May 22, 2011, and moved to the top of the chart the next week, with further sales of 48,937 copies. "[20] Greg Kot of Chicago Tribune also gave a mixed review about the song, calling it a "Springsteen-on-steroids bombast" and adding that it features "Clarence Clemons doing almost a parody of a Clarence Clemons sax solo. } [41][42] In September 2013, the saxophone solo ranked number two on VH1's list of the 15 Greatest Guest Solos in Rock History. It was to serve as the first song in the "Countdown to Born This Way" promotion on iTunes Store. [79], Jarett Wieselman from New York Post tried to understand what actually went wrong with the production, and came to the conclusion that the mutual disagreements between Gaga and Kahn led to the video being a "piece of rubbish". "The Edge of Glory" received critical acclaim, with many reviewers deeming it as an album highlight. Oh, and speaking of Madonna, Madge should go check her closet because I’m pretty sure Gaga’s wearing one of her old ones here! [43], In the United States, "The Edge of Glory" debuted at number 31 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart, for the issue dated May 28, 2011. [71] However, at the last minute before shooting, Gaga changed her mind regarding the whole concept, leading to a disagreement with Kahn, and hence it was cancelled. [98][99] On the tour, the singer usually dedicated the song to family members and her late friend, Sonja, who died of cancer. Nick Jonas singing The Edge of Glory. [1] According to Gaga, lyrical inspiration came from the death of her grandfather, who died in September 2010.

Kaiser was much nicer about the video than the folks over there, but they ARE New Yorkers- the comments were wicked harsh! Perpetua added that there is an element of cheesiness in the song, but nevertheless, it is captivating and catchy when one listens to it.