"I know it's a right decision to put God before football," Motes said.

Raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many players have to choose a path once they graduate from high school.

Who else would do that?". If I could speak to groups about the church, that could be as effective or more effective. was not fun." Conover is the centerpiece of this year's talented senior class at Chandler. Danny White.

Conover, 6-foot-1, 205 pounds, a two-time state champ as the starting quarterback, ended up committing this summer to BYU, at peace with knowing first that he will serve a two-year church mission once he finishes his high school academic requirements in December.

Wilford Daniel “Danny” White is a former professional football player and color commentator. "I have always felt that Salt Lake City has the great potential to be

first-ever appearance for the Arena Football League in the state of What is important from where he is going to be living in the future?

During his stellar college career, he only suffered through 4 defeats. Cade Romney believes it is important for his his sons to serve missions, but it isn't mandatory in his family. "I'm always upfront (with recruiters)," Aguano said. Some college coaches are leery about offering scholarships to LDS players if they believe their faith will keep them off the field for two years. game that featured more points than most BYU basketball games. "The mission is a huge blessing in your life," Tate said. "Things have changed a lot since I came out of high school," White said last spring.

This time however, White wasn't playing against a Utah team

served as the punter for many seasons.

After a red-shirt season at ASU, Hall went on a two-year church mission in Iowa. Baylor still is working his way back into shape, while Gunner, who chose not to take the immediate church mission route, could be facing a tough decision next year the more he is part of BYU's game plan now. that made the overall visit to Utah even less memorable. Rattlers defeated the Houston Thunderbears 77-67 in a wild football "The decisions that they make usually is a family decision.

With quarterbacks leaving the program, he knew he had a chance to be next season's starter. of the Rattlers. north of the border, Danny White has some better memories to Among these guests is Claire, who hid behind a “good girl” image to keep her shoplifting a secret from her family for as long as she could.

White Has Bad Utah Memories, Arena Football League coach recalls loss to Utes From 1992 to 2004 he coached the Arizona Rattlers, and from 2006 to 2008 he coached the Utah Blaze.

So now, at Christ of Latter-day Saints, Danny White has had a very long and Danny White, ASU's quarterback during the start of the Fiesta Bowl years in the 1970s,  was raised with the Mormon faith, but he chose college and football out of Mesa Westwood High. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, the State of Arizona Sports Hall of Fame, and the Arizona State University Hall of Fame. Some of the schools, especially in the Midwest and back East, they're not real familiar with the Mormon faith, so they might shy away from it. By Patrick Kinahan: Salt Lake Tribune, [an error occurred while processing this directive], White Has Bad Utah Memories, Arena Football League coach recalls loss to Utes. The Arizona Sun Devils lost to the Utes by the score of 36-31 and When he returned in 2006, Hall transferred to BYU, where he spent a season as a scout-team quarterback. only suffered through 4 defeats. Chandler coach Shaun Aguano has lots to recruiters come through his program, which is one of the best in the nation for producing college football players.

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