According to him, the people of the old Annang province led by representatives from Ati Annang, Afe Annang, Afe Nkuku Annang and Annang leaders of thought decided to submit a proposal and memorandum for the creation of a state to be called and addressed as ITAI STATE from the present Akwa Ibom state with its capital at Ikot Ekpene. The truth of the matter is that Nigeria spends too much on its governments and their unwieldy streams of officials, leaving little to spend on actual governance as result of which the populace is constantly short-changed and impoverished. ALSO READ: UN Office in Nigeria Reacts On Reports Of Creation Of New Country Out Of Nigeria, Cameroon While conceiving the new state, the former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan invited former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and Biya of Cameroon to sign documents respecting their countries’ international boundaries. August 20, 2014. The whole idea of state creation should be jettisoned forthwith.

Residents of Southern Cameroon were excited over the merger of their land with Northern Cameroon in Nigeria, comprising 24 local government areas in Borno (five), Adamawa (12) and Taraba (seven) states. The new country which purported name is UNO State … The creation of the new country will see Nigeria losing 24 Local government in the North-east alone, comprising 24 local government areas in Borno (five), Adamawa (12) and Taraba (seven) states. display: none !important; Chidinma Eze. We Will Never Forget! They further disclose the creation of new Nigerian states will bring all the Geo-political […]

Eyewitness account: Chaos at Lekki-Epe expressway in Ajah as angry mob allegedly overpower policemen and seize their guns (videos), Nigeria is bleeding, as Nigeria army carries out heavy shooting at the lekki toll gate.

It added: “It is only now that the soldiers of la Republique du Cameroun are being withdrawn from the southern part of UNO State of Cameroon.”. Anything that will be effective the government should go ahead and do.

×  But if to bring other areas to support it necessitates creation of 5 other states as stated, it is a wise decision.

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we need more state in nigeria for good governance,job cration because some of the state in nigeria are large to the point that the governo of a state cannot take care of it rural areas please we the ogba,egbema,ndoni and oguta is seeking for orashi state. Technical Feedback: whatsapp 08023469027 They explained that the Annang nation remains one of the oldest nation or nationality having homogeneous aborigines with a population of 1.1 million (projected from the provisional figures of the 1991 National census) covering the eight local government Areas of Abak, Etim Ekpo, Ika, Ikot Ekpene, Essien Udim, Obot Akara, Ukanafun and Oruk Anam. Nigeria: +234-802-328-9053 +234-809-111-3268. IGBERE TV learnt that Nigeria may lose 24 local councils, by way of ceding, to a new country to be known as United Nations Organisation (UNO) State of Cameroon at its borders with la Republique du Cameroun. There is ŋ☺‎ need creating a new state, becos τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ ones existing are not strong enuf Τ̅☺ stand on their own. It was created on the 27th of August 1991.

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NEWS: Senate confirms 8 Justices of Supreme Court [List] “The memorandum for the creation of ITAI state became necessary because, over the … All Rights Reserved. Besides, the money that should be spent in rebuilding schools, improving healthcare and fighting diseases and building infrastructure will be frittered on the cost of administration. The Annang speaking people of Akwa Ibom State on Wednesday presented a memorandum to the Senate ad-hoc Committee on Constitutional Review demanding the creation of ITAI State from the present Akwa Ibom State.

timeout State Creation reproduces emergence of new minorities and new petty or comprador bourgeoisie who manipulates social production, reproduction process to their advantage and the consequent expansion of the population of the country’s poor. By. I AM VERY MUCH IN SOPPORT OF MORE STATE CREATION IN NIGERIA.BECUASE MORE STATE WE HELP TO ERADICATE POVERTY IN NIGERIA, AS A MATTER OF FACT.NIGERIA IS ONE OF THE RICH COUNTRY IN AFRICA, WITH A LOT OF HUMAN AND NATURAL RESOCCESS.SO WHAT WE NEED IN NIGERIA IS HUMAN EMPOWEREMENT IN THAT CASE MORE STATE IS TO BE CREATED,IN ORDER TO STIMULATE OUR POLICY EFFECIENCY. Chief Oghenekaro,  Convener and President of Evren-Urhobo Peoples Congress, EPC, a socio-political pressure group, told newsmen in Enerhen, Warri, Delta State, that there was need for the creation of Ughelli, Ethiope and Ame states to  correct what he described as “the present imbalance, gross marginalisation and rape of our collective psyche.”.

Creation of 7 new state is 100% supported, more states in in this Country are needed, but the north-region must not be left behind, so we need the new Bayajidda State from this region, Bayjidda State from The North-western region is needed urgently so dont forget about it, We need more state in plateau in 2 reduce the rate of unemployment that the youth are facing in the state please God.

These requests are coming at a time when most of the existing 36 states are largely nonviable, which makes many of them go to the centre, cap-in-hand, every month seeking federal largesse before they can do anything meaningful.

Former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo and President Paul Biya of Cameroon, on the invitation of the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, had in March 2003 signed documents to cede their disputed territories (Northern and Southern Cameroons) to the proposed UNO new country in West and Central Africa. Former member of the defunct Bendel State House of Assembly for Ethiope South-East constituency, Chief Michael Oghenekaro, has called for the creation of three new states from the present Urhobo nation, in line with the colonial administrative arrangement of Western, Eastern and Central Urhobo divisions.

Abia State.


The United Nations Office in Nigeria has denied knowledge of any plan to carve out a country from Nigeria and Cameroon. all nigeria needs is committed leadership. “The memorandum for the creation of ITAI state became necessary because, over the years, the administration of Nigeria has been accomplished through the creation of units that make for political and socio-economic development.”, “It will be fair, just and equitable for the people of the old Annang province that had been overlooked during the various state creation exercises to be granted their wishes just like other old provinces.”.

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Now that Nigeria’s tyrant, Mr. Buhari has made it abundantly... A Country That Rehabilitates Terrorists But Shoot And Kill Peaceful Protesters. On August 27, 1991, the number of Nigeria states …


According to reports, the new state will have a total landmass of 28, 214 square km, with an estimated population of 20 million people. It will also help in breaking down the national cake to average privilaged people in Nger. The UN had kept Northern and Southern Cameroons under watch since Obasanjo and Biya signed the documents under the UN treaty before the announcement of the new state. Please reload CAPTCHA. UN to announce new country carved out of Nigeria, Cameroon July 10, 2020.

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – The United Nations has completed plans to carve out a new territory from Nigeria and Republic of Cameroon by July 10. The report also noted that the recent withdrawal of troops by President Paul Biya from the southern part of the planned UNO State of Cameroon, which was said to have been formally demanded by the former President of the United Nations General Assembly, Ali Treki, on May 20, set the stage for the creation of the new state being spearheaded by the UN.

“The memorandum for the creation of ITAI state became necessary because, over the years, the administration of Nigeria has been accomplished through the creation … Nigeria needs not more states due to the increasement in the high rate of corruption and reduction of Nigerians treasury, Creation of more state is of highly advantageous to the citizen, in sense that it would provide employment opportunity, bringing government closer to the people, managing diversity among ethnicity, finding solution to the need of people at Local level etc.

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Creation of more states will resort to great economic in the nation and the unemployed youths would have a course to smile, not only that but few ethnic groups that are politically enslave by the majority would gain their freedom. Log in.