I couldn't have known how vertiginous the entire Huxtable project was.

He is also very competitive, often making bets with Clair over various things, such as the date a certain jazz song was released, or having a "Smooth Contest" to see which of them looked more elegant for a night on the town, as judged by the children.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. | That's one way to think about it, the cynical, uncharitable, myopic way, the way you'd think about it if you wanted to psychologize Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable. (Mark Makela/Pool via The New York Times). Cliff This was his sickest one. Both Cliff and Clair attended the fictional Hillman College. But it was a dare to flirt with distance, to reconsider all those applications I filed, to see Bill Cosby as someone who, despite hours of comedy like "Bill Cosby Is Not Himself These Days" and "Bill Cosby: Himself," might not be willing or able to see who "himself" actually is. I've lived them. Cliff should have been the envy of any father ever to appear on a sitcom. His wit was quick, his sweaters roomy and kaleidoscopic. Cliff is the reason for the cognitive dissonance we've been experiencing for the last three or four years. Together, they have five children: Sondra, Denise, Theodore (Theo), Vanessa, and Rudith (Rudy). : |

Filming & Production Cliff Cliff

[Comedian Bill Cosby convicted of sexual assault in retrial].

But eventually, I could see that Cliff became a play for respectability. With Cosby, though, these are questions worth seriously considering.

Clair Huxtable

He seemed inseparable from the man who portrayed him. He could be romantic. Company Credits

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West began his career as a kind of black-sheep Huxtable. Bill Cosby reacts while being notified of a verdict in his retrial on sexual assault charges at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., April 26, 2018. In his high school and college years, he was an athlete who played wrestling, football and track. : : Cliff

The Huxtables laughed and bonded and debated and lip-synced. New Uncle of Elijah Ray Sanders.

Cliff Russell Huxtable In his high school and college years, he was an athlete who played wrestling, football and track.

The sorting of the ironies has been left to us. But white people wanted to matriculate, too. But I don't need to watch them anymore. Cosby's guilty verdict happens to fall during a week in which Kanye West brought a lot of people a lot more grief, not with new music but with a blizzard of tweets that included an expressed affinity for President Donald Trump, right down to wearing a Make America Great Again cap of his own. Russell Dean Huxtable and Anna Simmons Huxtable are Cliff's parents, who appear as recurring characters on The Cosby Show.The part of Russell Huxtable was played on the series by veteran actor Earle Hyman, while the part of Anna wass played by late veteran stage/TV/film actress Clarice Taylor.. About Cliff's parents [edit | edit source].

And affluent.

When Mrs. Huxtable comes home, you bring the car around. And educated. Technical Specs, [watching all the news reports about nuclear bombs on TV], Favorite Actor That Has Not Won an Acting Emmy. © 2020 Anchorage Daily News. He compared incarcerated black men to jailed civil rights activists, the apples and oranges of the black criminal-justice crisis. Cosby made blackness palatable to a country historically conditioned to think the worst of black people. If Judge Steven T. O'Neill sent Cosby away for the rest of his life, that sentence couldn't undo what he's convicted of having done to Andrea Constand, his accuser in two trials. I called this a speech, but he performed it like another standup special. And then he married into the Kardashian family and things got as vivid and incoherent as one of Cliff's Van Den Akker sweaters. And we called him that because, well, what a revolutionary way to put it.

In the 1980s he made the black American family seem "just like us."

Clair, we don't even know if the joint is Theo's and you already got the boy going to Turkey. I'm a black man, so I am them. Cliff was affable, patient, wise, and where Mrs. Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) was concerned, justly deferential. There is no surgical procedure to rid me of it. Cliff Cliff was affable, patient, wise, and where Mrs. Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) was concerned, justly deferential. This is foundational, elemental, cellular stuff. He is an obstetrician and gynaecologist, and is married to Clair Huxtable. : And so many different kinds of black.

[to Vanessa's 12 year old friend]  Cliff : [to Vanessa's 12 year old friend] When Mrs. Huxtable comes home, you bring the car around. His full name was subsequently changed to Heathcliff, even though in one episode Clair called him "Heathclifford", and he is commonly called "Cliff" throughout the series.

Comedian Bill Cosby convicted of sexual assault in retrial, Tracking COVID-19 in Alaska: 1 death, 204 new cases reported Wednesday, CDC expands definition of who is a ‘close contact’ of an individual with coronavirus, Look up, Alaska: The aurora is expected to be especially active this week, Anchorage School Board hears outcry against plan to return young students to school, Anchorage School Board votes to name East Anchorage High School after the late Sen. Bettye Davis. Cliff, why did we have four children? But Cosby might have managed to pull a fast one, using his power and wealth to become the predator that white America mythologized in a campaign to terrorize, torture and kill black people for centuries. The discarding and condemning and reconsidering — of the shows, the albums, the movies. In the pilot episode, Cosby's character's full name is Clifford, as shown on a sign on the exterior of the house. Official Sites This is what Sidney Poitier, his friend and movie partner, was always up against: inhabiting the superhumanly unimpeachable.

: Wesley Morris is a critic at large for The New York Times and a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine. : Cliff had a brother, James Theodore Huxtable, who died of rheumatic feverat the age of 7. But then, in 2004, at an NAACP ceremony commemorating 50 years since the Brown v. Board of Education decision, he gave the notorious "Pound Cake" speech, where prodding for a particular kind of self-betterment turned tsk-y. Clair Huxtable [watching all the news reports about nuclear bombs on TV]  I've seen them. He could be romantic.

It also can't undo what he once did for me, which was to make me believe in myself. He was vertiginously dadly.

I had a biological family, and this TV one, a dream family, the fiction against which I measured my blood. Take a little bit of Howard with you on your way to Harvard.

Cliff enjoys live jazz, has an extensive collection of albums, and tries to eat junk food whenever he can get away with it. "Best behavior" blackness.

He also plays a monthly game of pinochleagainst his father and his friend Homer Dobson with the help of Dr. Foster, who also happened to be his and Clair's literary professor at Hillman College. Mohammed?

I've absorbed them. This is how you comport yourself among white people, young black child.

Rudy, hurry up and become president because we need you now! West presents a new vexation that's the opposite of Cosby's stringent black conservatism. His wit was quick, his sweaters roomy and kaleidoscopic. Maybe this was Cliff unplugged — and unhinged. That sums up why this guilty verdict is depressing — depressing not for its shock but for the work the verdict now requires me to do.

And to pull that off, he had to find a morally impeccable presentation of himself and his race. Through him, we were thumbing our noses at the long, dreary history for black men in America by elevating this one to a paternal Olympus. You'd think that all of that would make them the Howard University of African-American family life. | :

Cliff was affable, patient, wise, and where Mrs Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) was concerned, justly deferential. But that mindset also feels like a way to move beyond America's Dad. Cliff Cosby told lots of jokes. How do I, at least, cleave this man from the man he seduced me into becoming? "Just like us" was the dream of the show, right?

: On purpose? (His first album was "The College Dropout.") He can be offensive and rude and self-aggrandizing. They were glamorous and simple and extraordinarily human. It's too late. "Those people are not Africans, they don't know a damned thing about Africa. This is the heavy thing about this verdict. Maybe we're all compartmentalizing.

No, no, don't take my bubble thing. For a decade, I filed an emotional application. This is the best elevator music I've ever heard! With names like Shaniqua, Shaligua, Mohammed, and all that crap and all of them are in jail." Despite this, he is very kind-hearted and a dedicated father with a strong sense of humor. Bill Cosby was good at his job. : It's a luxury conundrum, one that feels like a mockery of tremendous human suffering. His wit was quick, his sweaters roomy and kaleidoscopic. : Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable (Bill Cosby), lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Because we did not want five. He was born in October 1937 in Philadelphia, making him 47 years old at the beginning of the series. He ruminated on names that didn't seem, to him, like Bill. Cliff But he eventually gathered a sense of politics — racialized, pro-black politics.

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Cliff is very eccentric and silly to most people around him, especially his family.