When drunk, hydrogen peroxide reacts with a natural enzyme in your body, producing very high amounts of oxygen. According to research, hydrogen sulfide has shown to be toxic to the oxygen systems of the body. Was this caused by the Peroxide? Posted by Thundir (San Francisco, California, Usa) on 03/21/2011, Posted by Wanda (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on 03/22/2010, Posted by Ron (City Of Kawaetha Lakes , Ont.

Canada) on 09/21/2009, Posted by L R (Pretoria, South Africa) on 02/20/2009, Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy for Children (1, https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_inhalation14.html#se, http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/copd-treatment-chronic-obstructive-pulmonary-disease.html, http://www.iodine4health.com/overviews/audiovisual/flechas_audiovisual.htm, http://iodine4health.com/disease/disease.htm, http://iodine4health.com/body/hormones/hormones.htm, http://www.iodine4health.com/body/bones/mercola_bones.htm.

I have chronic cough and probably something else.

Follow exactly what Bill writes -- it helps.

To do a 1% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Neb, then add 50 drops of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to 5ml of Steam Distilled Water. We wouldn't get that from the medical profession!

30pm 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects ) Advocates suggest that drinking a few drops of hydrogen peroxide diluted in water may help treat a range of illnesses, including diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

I see that Terry is also from the United Kingdom?

I pour the liquid into my ear and wait for it to quit foaming, dump it out and put some fresh in. ( It has at least in my case). You motivated me. I also refused to believe this and have been on a long journey searching for something to heal my body.

I have also found out in case anyone is unaware? I hope he is fine.

Moreover, instructions on how to dilute it vary from one seller to another, and its safety hasn’t been evaluated. Apart from spraying, I am also taking like 2 drops of 35% HP in a glass of water in the morning. I carried my nasal pump to work, and did the same, as soon as I found, a big sneeze is on its way. "At the same time 5 times one grain of thyroid and 6 times three drops of lugol solution, ½ strength. Note: Before you start this technique, see how little of the peroxide you are actually inhaling by pumping 6 times into a teaspoon. My lung function has improved to near normal and I have much more energy.

If not removed from the room, you may begin to get nauseous and be unable to move.