Enjoy Rachel Price singing "Can't Find My Way Home" accompanied by Live From Here with Chris Thile. The short lived band featuring Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ric Grech and Ginger Baker caused a huge controversy because the cover of the album featured a topless young girl holding a plane. “Can’t Find My Way Home” is The best-known song of Blind Faith’s only album.
The song was written by Steve Winwood. The cover was considered controversial, with some seeing the silver aircraft as potentially phallic. The cover was a photo by Bob Seidemann of a topless 11 year old girl, Mariora Goschen, holding a silver painted model of an aircraft sculpted for the album shoot by Mick Milligan. Feeing nostalgic so how ‘bout a little "Can’t Find My Way Home” Steve Winwood / Eric Clapton / Blind Faith cover in the garden... Drop D Tuning, Down Half a Step: C#-G#-C#-F#-Bb-Eb • Furch Guitars (2019SB Dc-SR SPE) Acoustic/Electric Dreadnought Guitar • CEntrance R4R MixerFace Recorder • Silver Steer Design Custom Guitar Strap "Can't Find My Way Home" was released by Blind Faith on their self-titled album in 1969. The “Super-Group” Blind Faith released their one and only self-titled debut album in August of 1969. The American record company issued it with an alternative cover showing a photograph of the band on the front as well as the original cover.
"Can't Find My Way Home" is a song written by Steve Winwood which was first released by Blind Faith on their 1969 album Blind Faith. Blind Faith originally released Can't Find My Way Home written by Steve Winwood and Blind Faith released it on the album Blind Faith in 1969. It was also covered by Hank Harris, Lorenz Kellhuber, Delta Reign, Touch of Grey Band and other artists. Rolling Stone, in a review of the album, noted that the song featured "Ginger Baker's highly innovative percussion" and judged the lyric "And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home" to be "delightful".