Surprisingly sensitive and unfailingly witty presentation of underclass Britain by director Peter Cattaneo. |

Anyway, enough about Thor It also features one of the dumbest character deaths in movie history (spoilers), a smorgasbord of crappy CGI (move over, Jumanji and Anaconda), and it inspired a L.L. Every product is independently selected by our editors. | Gross: $0.28M, PG-13 pretending like they're attacking him. magic kung-fu. Natalie Portman, Helena Bonham Carter, Through some paranormal magic, director Edgar Wright’s British ZomCom manages to become the most affecting zombie movie of all time, and one of the funniest films of the last 20 years. | 10 best football movies you need to watch this fall. | In 1930s Paris, struggling singer Victoria (Julie Andrews) befriends Teddy (Robert Preston) a gay nightclub entertainer.

94,705 ghost of Jonathan's girlfriend is there, and she blasts some sort of Okay, yada yada yada, Young Debbie Reynolds is hired to supply the diva’s offscreen voice, and thereby hangs the tale of the funniest musical ever made. | Wes Craven? Steve Carell, Ed Helms, 83,142 John Cho, The cast plays it for reality as well as laughs, thanks to director John Hughes.

Others are really intentionally bad in an ironic way, and can be enjoyable as a winking, self-aware escape. | Trouble is, Murray gets caught in a time trap, and keeps repeating the day, minute by minute, day after day. Creative decisions make no sense. Half the time, the piñata is a latex costume

Look for the hilarious “wine-tasting” scene, when Cooper goes undercover as a posh lady who lunches. Another movie so bad there's another, far more successful film about it (The Disaster Artist), The Room is a bewildering attempt by enigmatic filmmaker Tommy Wisseau to make a great American drama -- only for that film to turn out so bad Wisseau rebrands it as a dark comedy. Edgar Wright Even when the budget couldn't realize the fantastic visuals they saught to create, they tried. $100.92M, R John Landis directed. | | These are our 10 favorite military movies to watch on Veteran’s Day. Black comedy—or rather Black Hand comedy—at its best. |

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are the titular men sent to save us from space invaders. Or is it just dumb sexual entertainment? 113 min This ended well.

178,128 $110.52M, R Jerry Lewis usually went overboard when he directed Jerry Lewis, but here he uses a laid-back approach to tell the story of a simpleton who becomes a sophisticate when he partakes of a magic potion. | Josh Hartnett, You know the story. $75.59M, R Ben Stiller, | | Stars: Jesse Peretz