If you “spare” the Reverend from death, Kimmy is able to deduce that a fake tree in close proximity to their showdown is a marker for where the bunker is. Dann heiratet seine einzige Tochter einen Mann, den er nicht mag (und wohl auch sonst kein vernünftiger Mensch), und er hält eine verlogene Rede. 66-year-old Warren Schmidt is a retired insurance salesman and has no particular plans other than to drive around in the motor home his wife insisted they buy. “Nah-ah,” Walter Bankston, the do-rag’d gent in the opening credits, tells us.

Don’t expect to be boarding the Matterhorn anytime soon. | But whatever you choose to do, don’t worry: There’s plenty of Hamm to go around. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Directed by Alexander Payne. Start over.”, Surprise, damn it!

With Titus snubbed to join Kimmy in pursuit of the Reverend’s secrets, Jacqueline suggests the duo takes a private jet flown by her teenage son, who only pretended to have piloting skills to get into USC. Warren Schmidt is a retired insurance salesman, who at age 66 has no particular plans other than to drive around in the motor home his wife insisted they buy. She becomes a hill person, and Frederick, now the king of England, marries Jacqueline’s daughter, Xanthippe. He's not altogether bitter, but not happy either, as everything his wife does annoys him, and he disapproves of the man his daughter is about to marry. If Kimmy calls Donna Maria, her fellow former mole woman turned sauce entrepreneur, instead of Gretchen or Cyndee, her friend advises her that PTSD is what’s driving her to investigate the book — and she should let it go. As the interactive quality of the episode will likely inspire you to rethink your choices as much as possible — selecting the perfect wedding dress for Kimmy is hard — we thought it’d be helpful to outline all of the main endings we could identify during our rewatches. Also, if you choose all three Reverend deaths, there’s a glorious bonus ending of him in hell, hanging out with Mr. Frumpus and jamming to Sugar Ray. Warren Schmidt (Jack Nicholson) has led a safe, predictable life working in the insurance industry in Omaha, Nebraska for many years, yet now faces retirement. At the same time, he is forced to take a hard look at his wife, his life, and his relationship with his estranged daughter. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. But when you make Kimmy chat with him, as opposed to getting right down to business, the Reverend takes some Michael Jackson moves out for a spin and proceeds to crack his skull open on the visitors’ booth. He has no intellectual curiosity. “You know you have to read that dumb book, but you keep making these pasty children tongue down. He just can’t run that fast.

“What is wrong with you?” he chides. You still technically win! If you shoot the Reverend, Kimmy barely mourns his passing and sets off to find the girls. If you stomp the Reverend, Kimmy is driven to madness after he uses his dying breath to admit the girls are somewhere in the woods.

You’ll then witness a very concerning robot uprising. This ending also confirms that Kimmy once dated Josh Groban, who sounds a lot different than his singing voice. This Was the Most Cringeworthy Group Date in, “I just sat here and was embarrassed,” Clare Crawley said. When Kimmy gives her fiancé a sloppy smooch attack instead of planning her wedding or reading her book, you’re gonna get yelled at by Titus, okay? Raggedy Ann gets a happy ending, but everyone hates her young, hot Gen-Z friend?” Jacqueline explains. He thinks he’s in Heaven, duh. Well, this is depressing. Lives in a home "decorated" with sets of collector's items accumulated by his wife, each in the display case that came with the items. “You know,” Walter adds, “that’s a good-ass theme song.”, Already a subscriber? About Schmidt is one of the most enjoyable films I've seen, as well as one of the best listening experiences I've had in a long while; keep your eyes, and ears, on this Kent fellow. A recently retired man embarks on a journey to his estranged daughter's wedding, only to discover more about himself and life than he ever expected. Jon M. Chu will direct, and Ron Howard and Warwick Davis will return. Kimmy gets four options on how to handle this, and three of them end in the Reverend’s death: exploding him, stomping on him, or shooting him. Eric Trump, among others, spread a fake edit of a photo that Ice Cube tweeted in July. Warren Schmidt wird pensioniert. “Don’t let the Reverend do this to you again, okay?” she implores. His royal family disowns him, and the couple settles in Harrisburg.